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Hello, 2022! New year, new goals, New Year’s resolutions for some. If you’re not someone who is big on new years resolutions but more so like to hold yourself accountable with achieving short-term or long-term goals, opt for a virtual vision board.

I’ve attended quite a few vision board parties pre-covid days and they were fun some were small and intimate with finger food and drinks while others were mid-size with a guest speaker. A vision board party consists of attending an event, you use magazine scraps, and other scrap pieces for inspiration and you glue them onto a white or colored board.

Vision board is just that, your vision that you see for yourself for the next 365 days! A vision that you see for yourself in every aspect of your life, from finance, family, work-life, leisure, hobbies, and more. If you didn’t know that a goal written down is easier to achieve, when you have photos on a whiteboard, you can make it a reality and take the necessary steps to accomplish those goals.

You can create your vision board in the comfort of your own home by using a whiteboard from the dollar store, some glue sticks, and old magazines. You can also use your iPad, desktop, or laptop to make a virtual vision board and save it as your desktop so that you see it every day.

Apps that I used to create my virtual vision board were Pinterest and Canva. Pinterest is where you can search for images and save them to your device, Canva is where you will make the vision board using those images.

When you go into Canva you will select ‘create new design’ and you will choose ‘desktop wallpaper’ so that it’s the right format to fit as your desktop wallpaper.

Here’s what my vision board looks like:

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