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New year, new goals. Fitness goals. It is now 9 months since I have started working out with a trainer consistently in the gym and eating right. My birthday is in April and I want to look good when I’m on vacation. I want to share with you my three-month low carb diet regimen.

As you all know I work out three days a week for 60 minutes. I do full body, cardio, weight training. Typically my daily calories are 2100, but with this diet I am going down to 1500. My weight is 135 lbs, I want to be a solid 130 meaning definition.

Today after my diet I sat down with my trainer and we created my low carb diet meal plan for the next 90 days. He is selling meal plans to those that do not workout with him and these are personalized meal plans. I will show an example of what today’s meals will include.

This shows breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. Because I am not eating a lot of carbs I have to eat more often. I have the most carbs before noon because my body burns the most. Especially working out at 5:30am.

I am eating 5 times a day and the meal plan is for all 7 days of the week. On top of that I have to drink 1 gallon of water a day, no bread or pasta, and no carbs after 4pm. I love green tea, preferably cold Lipton, so I’ll have to drink this during breakfast or lunch.

This is going to be hard, eating is the hardest part. People think you can outwork what you eat but in reality you can’t. 1 slice of cheese pizza is around 285 calories, just imagine how long you would have to run on the treadmill to burn that off. Eating right also isn’t cheap, I spent $50 just getting the basics of my meal plan at the grocery store.

My grocery list included:

Fruits, vegetables, chicken breasts, case of water, crackers, tuna, almonds, eggs, almond milk, turkey bacon, veggie burgers, and yogurt.

I will keep you all updated and make sure to check out my Snapchat for my morning workouts .

Thanks for reading.

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