5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends Everything | Wednesday Brunch

We all have friends. We all vent to our friends whether it has to do with family drama, relationship issues, or work life stress. What we fail to realize is that our friends do not need to know every single problem that we may have in our relationship.

I have 5 girlfriends that I’ve been friends with since early childhood and high school years. I don’t tell them every little or major issue going on in my life and I’m sure it’s vice versa. With each friend that I have I may vent to them individually about different things. Other times the things I do keep to myself I release it by writing and it may or may not end up as a blog post.

Too Many Opinions. Often times when we vent  we’re doing just that. Venting. We may not ask or expect any advice we just want a listening ear of no judgment. When you vent you may receive feedback , honest opinions, but don’t let this cloud your own judgment. At the end of the day no one is walking in your shoes.

Be Careful Who You Vent To. Just because an individual may be your friend or you consider them of great value to your life, it may not be reciprocated. Some people are glad that you have problems and so their opinion maybe bias or given out of spite. When you vent, ask yourself what am I looking to gain from this and proceed with caution. While people may have your best interest at heart, sometimes the advice that they are giving you, they should be providing to themselves.

Your Partner Should be Your Best Friend. Yes your significant other should be your best  friend and you should always have open communication. If you’re having issues between the two of you, you should be able to sit down and talk it out. Yes we all may want to get an outside opinion or just another person to let it out to but at the end of the day it’s you and your significant in the relationship.

Don’t Take it Personal. When you vent to a friend and they offer their opinion even if you  didn’t necessarily ask for it, receive it but you don’t have to follow it. If it’s not what you wanted to hear, appreciate the honesty and respect it. You don’t want ‘yes’ friends in your circle you want people around who tell you the truth and open your eyes if you become nieve.

The Ugly Truth. I vent to my friends because I know  they’ll give it to me straight up. Even if I don’t act on the advice they gave me I take it into consideration. When you provide advice to your friends do not be offended if they don’t take your advice. Understand that they may not agree with the decisions you choose to make in your life but as a friend they should always support you.


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  1. Yes! I also know that my friends don’t always get over things as quickly as I do. So I may have patched things up with whoever I’m dating and they still be mad…like if you don’t go on somewhere lol.

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