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Hello July! Can’t believe we’re half way through 2019 and Summer is going by so fast. “Pay attention to a woman who changes her hair, she is about to change her life. ” I am finally sharing with you all this journey I have decided to begin and I want you all to witness the process.

In June I had a new client come to be for lash Extensions. I was instantly drawn to her hair. They were loc’d but they were in the form of two strand twists. They were colored Burgundy and they were just the right size. When she laid down for the service we immediately engaged in conversation and I asked her questions about her hair and she then told me she has been a hair stylist for over 20 years.

If you do not know I have done the big chop twice. The first time was 2013, I was newly single and it wasn’t my plan when I went to the hair salon to get my hair cut off. But I did it and I didn’t look back and it was a new found feeling of confidence, a moment of clarity. I received so many compliments, so many questions. Some people thought I was sick, others thought that I was a lesbian.

2016 I did the big chop once again but this time it was due to damage from coloring my hair blonde and over processing. Ever since then my hair has been healthy and I have been keeping up with my trims twice a year and keeping low maintenance hair styles. April was the last time I trimmed, blow dried and flat ironed my hair by my stylist Shalaya.

Over the years with different braiding styles like faux locs, and box braids, people have asked me if I would consider locking my hair. I would always say no because I change my hair too much, I’m too indecisive.

I got to the point of becoming irritated when I did want braiding styles and I couldn’t find anyone reliable to do my hair. Stylists wanting you to come already washed and blow dried. Spending $50 on braiding hair and paying $100-$150 for the style. It was too much. I decided in June I was going to make an appointment for starter locs.

I reached out to 4 stylists, all were recommended. Some were booked, some never replied, others only did the comb/coil method, and 1 ended up having me come to the salon and allowing me to wait 1 hour before they told me they could not take me because they were double booked.

My brother has dreads, my aunt and one of her son has dreads. I reached out to my aunt and told her I wanted starter locs and I told her my experience and she immediately offered to do my hair for me. She told me what supplies I needed and within 2 days I was over her house starting the journey. She gave me all the tips and advice I needed as well as my cousin whom stated “this will be a journey for you mentally, spiritually, and physically”, and I already knew.

I reached out to a few people I knew who recently started their loc journey and they were so helpful answering any questions I had.

I didn’t count how many twists my aunt put in. For products she washed my hair with Design Essentials shampoo, and Tresemme conditioner. For the styler she used Jamaican Mango & Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel.

For me when I want to do something I am impulsive. I had to hurry up and do it or I would change my mind. It has been two weeks and sometimes when I get dressed I don’t feel like my outfit is complete because I feel like my hair isn’t done, but it’s because of the new growth.

When I told my friends and brothers I wanted to loc my hair they immediately provided me with compliments not one of them said anything negative or tried to change my mind. I have styled it a few times but you don’t want to have too much pulling on your edges.

Stay tuned to my Youtube Channel for videos on my journey as well : The Introverted Lifestyle

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