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Things are beyond real at this point with the pandemic, and whether people or (we) want to face the music, we have to make adjustments to be safe and to remain healthy. Let’s talk about what has been the new norm for The Introverted Single Friend.

People have posted that you should utilize this time of quarantine to obtain a new hobby, learn something new, or pick up a new business venture and if you don’t you’ve wasted your time. My thoughts on that is to use this time how you see fit that works for you. Some people work 24/7, and also have a family to take care of and this quarantine has been a blessing in disguise for them to get their mental health in order.

People say to continue to promote your existing business, for me I’ve taken a step back and wrote down a list of ways I can revamp my website, revamp my products, how I want to return to my clients. In Pittsburgh, PA the date for businesses to reopen is 5/8 but honestly for my beauty business there’s no way to remain 6ft from clients to conduct a service and safety is a concern at this point and it’s too soon so Endless Beaute by Jasminne may be closed for a little while longer.

My personal fitness trainer has converted to virtual training for the time being and you can sign up to train right in the comfort of your living room to your backyard. You don’t even have to have equipment, you can use your body weight. Follow Akeeme Robinson on Instagram

Sea Moss has been one of the most talked about supplements to help with various areas in your body. Sea moss can be mixed in yogurt, to pudding, to your everyday fruit smoothie. The benefits of Sea Moss: helps dry skin, joint pain, low sex drive, thyroid issues, dry brittle hair, to weak immune system.

I only leave the house 1-2 times a week most times once a week and that’s to go to the grocery store. There’s no such thing as a quick store run anymore so I usually get a little anxious before the store run. Fortunately I do have masks, and Pittsburgh restrictions in place now is that you must wear a face covering to go into any place of business or you will not be allowed in. Most stores close between 7pm-9pm. It’s like you have to be strategic with going outside. Make a list of all the things you need, all the stores you may need to go to and carry hand sanitizer with you.

The loc journey has been a trying one, a retwist hasn’t been done since February and the new growth is real. Products used to moisturize the scalp is

Not sure about my ladies, but with my birthday being almost two weeks ago, I have had serious thoughts about the direction I want to go as far as dating. I have been on pinterest religiously looking at how I want my dream house to look like, from the kitchen to the 4-5 bedrooms. I have even pinned potential wedding dress designs, to the wedding color theme, to the number of people I actually would want at my wedding-intimate. No one has proposed to me yet but there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming. When you get to a certain point in your life and you reflect on where you are, things begin to make sense, and come full circle to you. Both females, and males should never settle when it comes to your own happiness, life is too short and with this pandemic it makes it more clear. Go after what you want, and don’t hold back. Don’t make excuses for anyone and don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

I’ve always been a private person, but I enjoy being transparent with my audience, but the older I get and how I think about how I want things to be in my life to be peaceful and stress free, privacy is what I desire and I will continue to share what I want. People think they know you by what you share on social media but in all reality they have no idea of whom you really are outside of social media.

Lately my mood has been great, I have no complaints, I have my occasional boredom , tired of binge watching Private Practice on Netflix. However new music from Da Baby, The Dream, and KCamp has kept me in good spirits. I start my mornings by lighting 1-2 candles and drinking tea so that I can set the tone for my mood.

Change the things you can control, and the things you can’t control, don’t worry about it.

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