Aubrey Alexa: Jason | Alter Ego 

Sorry for the delay. Life has been happening this past week, now where were we? Oh, that’s right, the new boo Jason.

Spring Fling has come and gone and me and Jason are still in the cute, flirting , innocent talk stage. He’s in two of my classes. One of the classes we made sure we changed our seats to sit next to each other. He slept most of the time so of course he copied my work.

One of my close girlfriends was the only person whom knew about us. You wouldn’t catch us hugged up at the lockers it was a Lil hug, a hello and keep it movin’. I made sure I kept my eye on ’em though and he did the same. He found out one of the upper class men had asked me to prom and I guess he assumed I said yes because he was pissed. He wouldn’t talk to me at all during class and my friend had told me why , I was like “…oh no let me set home boy straight …” . I sat down next to him told him what it was and he felt dumb , but that wasn’t my intention. The intent was to let him know I got asked and I declined he just heard it before I got to him.

After that we made plans in advance that we would be each others prom dates when it was our time. Honey, we ain’t take into consideration what the next three years would be like nor did we worry about it. He would ask me to come over his place all the time and I would like , “…how am I getting there and back?”. We’re too young to drive so unless his parents were scooping me up we would be seeing each other in class.

Jason was too bomb, he had the waves on swim, nice chocolate skin and he dressed his ass off. He definitely was a spoiled child and he didn’t hide that either. When he would look at me I instantly smiled so if he ever got mad at me it would be a long school day.

He was a new entry in my journal. At least once a week I couldn’t wait to write about him. I would write about our conversations, what he wore, to what I wanted to happen between us. For some reason I knew we would never be official…

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