Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part II | Alter Ego 

We could never make it official because we both cared about what others thought and weren’t into being the center of everyone’s conversation. It was all politics, Jason being one of the most popular kids in high school his fan list was down the hallway.

Her name was Tiffany. She was in a grade higher than both of us she and Jason had mutual friends they also didn’t live too far from each other. She had her eyes on Jason and he didn’t shy away. Those two together would be more “appropriate” for front street. She was a cheerleader too so it was only right they were a match. She was tall and skinny, brown skin and long bone straight hair just flowing. We never spoke but we knew each other in passing.

I never mentioned her to him because we were just coolin’, but I would make little hints , asking questions insinuating if he was dating someone else but of course it would be “nah I’m chillin’ boo”. After my Spanish class I was walking in the hallway and around the corner comes Jason and Tiffany arm & arm and he’s holding her books. I smiled and went about my business, you can never let a person see you bothered.

I couldn’t wait to get to my next class and tell my Bestie whom knew about me and Jason. She was disgusted and she was salty I didn’t make a scene but she knows I’m not that type. I didn’t see or talk to Jason until the next day. He came into class sat down next me and I completely ignored him, did I mention I was stubborn? Well I had no problem giving him the silent treatment so he had to go through my friend to speak to me….
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