Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part III | Alter Ego

Being stubborn takes little to no effort for me. As much as I like Jason and I wanted to give him a piece of my mind I wanted him to know I was mad at him. My friend Nikki was who he had to go through if he had anything to say to me and all three of us had the same English class together and we sat near each other. This was the third class of the day and I was anticipating see his fine ass and wanting him to be salty I was giving him the silent treatment.

Usually Nikki sits on my left side and Jason sits on my right side. We always talk and share notes in school but not today. I sat to the left of Nikki and Jason sat to her right. I acted like I was so consumed with my work and when I was fake finished I put my head down. He came over to my desk to tell me that the movie playing in class was on and to pay attention, I looked at him and put my head back down.

I overheard he and Nikki talking , and he asked her, “….what’s her problem?”, she replied “..oh she’s mad at you because you were hugged up with Tiffany yesterday..”. At that moment I knew there was more behind the situation between him and Tiffany, because he hesitated to respond, usually when its nothing, your quick to say “oh its nothing, she trippin'”. Jason told Nikki “we’re friends but she did ask me to go to Junior prom with her, I just didn’t say anything to Aubrey yet..” . 

Class was over and I hurried up and grab my books and left the class. Jason came over to my locker , I guess he wasn’t feeling the silent treatment I was giving him. He had some words for me, “I don’t appreciate you ignoring me today if you want to ask me something or have a problem, just speak on it”, I replied “..yeah I felt a way when I seen you and Tiffany but I didn’t want my facial expressions to speak for me, although me and you aren’t official an item and we aren’t all out in the open , you were out in the open with her so I felt like y’all may have something going on.” Jason said to me , “I can understand how you could feel that way, she did ask me to junior prom and I am going to go, I do have interest in her and I didn’t know how to tell you without coming off the wrong way, I do think your cool and I like how we are.” I didn’t say much, “oh okay well thanks for letting me know appreciate it, I hope you two have fun.” 

Karma got his ass quick, Tiffany was on a break from her boyfriend whom didn’t go to our high school, but they got back together just in time for him to be her date to junior prom and her and Jason’s fling didn’t have a chance! Of course he came to me and told me what happened and that he felt like a rebound and he was a fool for messing things up with us. I wasn’t trying to hear none of that I laughed and told him be safe.

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