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Spring is here, coming up is the Spring Fling, all the ladies want to be chose. Nails done, hair done, everything did, what was important is whom you accompanied to the dance.

I had my eye on a few prospects but I wasn’t about to go up to a guy and ask him to be my date. Most of my friends had boyfriends so they had a date by default. It’s the Spring Fling it’s not against the law if you don’t have a date you can still attend.

Come to find out, a few of my dance team mates didn’t have dates so we figured we’d get dolled up and go as a group I mean it’s not the prom and besides we would probably have more fun dancing with other people’s dates.

I got my hair done, a fresh wash and set. My mom didn’t play those games about weave. My uncle bought my dress its a sleek black mini dress, and I wore these silver strap up heels. My friends and I got chauffeured by one of the girl’s father and we were off to enjoy the night.

We showed up to our high school, the dance was held in our gymnasium decorated very nicely, and of course the DJ was on point. We wasted no time hittin’ the dance floor cuttin’ a rug. It was all fun and games until that slow song came on, the DJ took it back playing Usher. To my surprise I didn’t have to stand their awkward looking for someone to dance with.

His name was Jason. He was one of the popular guys in our freshman class, but he hung out with the upper class men. He wasn’t too flashy nor was he cocky or arrogant. He had the demeanor that he knew he didn’t have to do too much to stand out. His low-key persona is what I was attracted to, although I assumed he was mean because he rarely cracked a smile. He was gentleman grabbed me by the hand and escorted me to the middle of the dance floor you’d thought we were dating how good the chemistry was as we danced. After the dance we sat down at the table and talked the remainder of the night while drinking punch, laughing at the people who couldn’t dance.


The dance was over at 11pm Cinderella had to be back at the castle before loosing her glass slipper , jokes. We didn’t exchange numbers we just knew we would see each other at school on Monday plus we didn’t want people in our business. I talked about him the whole way home to the girls and they were just as ecstatic as I was. We were from different neighborhoods so I would only see him at school , I was counting down the days to Monday.


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