Aubrey Alexa: The Morning After | Alter Ego

Who did I think I was last night? I must’ve thought I was grown, trying to impress William. The devil on my shoulder tried to have me doing something I could regret , but I listened to the angel on my right side…

I got up off that young man and showed him to the door, politely, no words necessary. It was like the whole time I was kissing him I could hear myself thinking out loud “Aubrey what are you doing? , Is this what you want right now?” 

The school bus is due to come at 7:30 a.m. and William would be there. I had to dress to kill. I had on a nicely fit white button up tucked into my black knee-length skirt and my new black baby doll flats. I didn’t want to wear heels because I mean it’s the first day of school and I’ll be doing a lot of walking trying to figure out where the hell my classes are. My mom curled my hair this morning got my light brown tresses looking like curly sue.

The fact that William was a few years older than me, lord please do not have him and I in the same class. Everyone at the bus stop knew each other so there was no need for awkwardness. Everyone spoke, everyone excited, anxious for the first day. William and I spoke kept it casual and that was it. From this day forward we spoke “hey whassup”, and that was it. Whatever we had and whatever that was last night would never be mentioned.

My caramel brown self was already anticipating what cuties would be in my class. I had no intentions of being hung up on William and I’m sure he’s already plotting on his next victim. I’m just happy the  hazing of freshmen were all myths, I can’t even lie that was my only concern coming to school today.

I was able to find all my classes without getting lost in the basement somewhere. Some of my teachers were already assigning homework, that had me tight but whatever. I found some fly ass chicks to sit pretty with at lunch, you could tell everyone had their cliques together so you best get in where you fit in. We talked about what classes we had , what our teachers were like, and what groups we wanted to join after school.

I had my mind-set on being a cheerleader or a dancer, that would be another way to meet cute guys and have all eyes on me. Try outs were next week, I made it my priority to watch music videos, movies with cheerleaders in it and knock out the auditions.

I was in for a rude awakening thinking it was all peaches and creme..

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