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Save the Last Dance, Honey, and Bring It On were the popular movies out at this time. Every girl watched the movies and tried to mimic the cheer and dance moves in High School. It was time to execute the dance and cheer moves I was practicing in my bedroom and basement all this time.

It seemed like the school went super fast, everyone was talking about how excited they were for try outs. A lot of the girls had other siblings already on the team so they already knew what to expect. The gym was huge, I didn’t expect this many girls to try out for the cheerleading team. It had to be about 50 girls from all grades Freshman to Junior trying out. We had to watch the routine and then perform the routine. They wanted to see how flexible we were, how fit we were, and how quick we could recite the routine. This was nothing like Bring It On, it was harder than it looked. Even when I was a cheerleading for my neighborhood Football team, it didn’t compare to this. Safe to say there are levels to cheerleading. I was ahead of myself , I still tried out but ultimately ‘ya girl didn’t get picked for the Squad.

I was on to the next try out , the Dance Team. I couldn’t let the Cheerleading team discourage me. I watch music videos like kids watched Cartoons. I was ready. About two weeks later Dance team try outs were here and I was excited, I wasn’t shy, I knew what to expect this time around. We auditioned in groups, I had this in the bag. The song we tried out to was Missy Elliot “Work It” , one of the hottest songs out and we know Missy Elliot had the best videography. I surprised myself when it was my time to audition. It was like someone else was in my body, I let loose. I was away like Aunt Viv on the Fresh Prince episode after her ballet routine.

You’re looking at the newest member of the Dance Team, we had practice everyday after school. My mom picked up me and my girl friends some days and other days we rode the school bus which the boys from the basketball team were on the bus as well so I got to see where they lived at , like a stalker. Our uniforms were the cutest! They were red and black sleeveless vest type tops and the black skirt with red stripes on the side. We could wear any black sneakers we wanted as long as they were good for dancing.

My freshman year has been good thus far, I made the dance team, I have my classwork under control, I made some friends, and now I need to find Mr. Tall light skin with the waves for my high school boo ‘thang….

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