Aubrey Alexa: William Part II | Alter Ego

Sorry for the delay everyone. It has been a busy week for us! But without further ado let’s begin where we left off….

I’m excited, I’m anxious, William wants to visit me. My brothers are asleep, my parents aren’t home. I have to clean up and find a good movie to watch.The Wood. It’s a classic, who doesn’t watch The Wood ?! He doesn’t live far from me so he’ll be here in no time. I’m fresh out of the shower and in my favorite pajamas. A silky tank top and shorts, favorite colors red.
He’s here. I’m nervous. I have all the lights on, –why I don’t know. He asks me “Where are your parents?!” I replied, “they’re not here.”,  he begins to go around my house turning off the lights. I’m thinking to myself “mood changer, what’s this all about?” . So he sits down next to me and he lies on my chest and we watch the movie.
Half way through the movie he suggests we go upstairs. I’m 14 years old but I’m not dumb. He clearly wants to stay the night and take my V Card. I’m going into the ninth grade I can’t show up pregnant. I’m not in love with this guy. We’ve only been flirting and talking on the phone for a couple of weeks . “We don’t need to go upstairs, what is it that you want?” He replies, “We both know why I’m here and it’s not to watch The Wood, so what’s up?” I’m speechless I don’t say anything.
He’s on top of me , kissing on me, removes my top. Its like something took over my body but I don’t tell him to stop or that I don’t want to do this. I’ve never done this before where I put my hands? I don’t want to be boring and just lay here. So I take over , jump on top of him, close my eyes and proceed to do the pleasing.
The first day of ninth grade begins….

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