Brunch: Getting Into A Relationship With Someone You Cheated On Your Significant Other With

Happy Friday! Hello February and all that good stuff. Earlier this week I’ve had some conversations with my colleagues at work. A question came about that led to great points of view from both the woman and man’s perspective of cheating. Can you get into a relationship with someone whom you cheated on your significant other with? The twist is that you both are being unfaithful in your current relationships.

Let’s talk. So the hypothetical scenario is you’re in a relationship, the person you are cheating with is also in a relationship. The two of you decide to leave the one your with for each other. Will this really work between the two of you? Just really think about it for a minute. While you do that I will share what social media thought.

So you get an idea of how people think. I also took a poll on Instagram. 33% yes 67% no. Which was very interesting.

See here’s the thing, I believe in how you get someone is how you lose them. If we both are being unfaithful whose to say we won’t be unfaithful to each other? There would always be that thought in the back of my mind of whether or not you would cheat ON me. Sh*t, honestly I wouldn’t trust myself.

I feel like anything that starts off based on lies wouldn’t be a good ending. It may feel right in the beginning but what happens when that honeymoon stage is over?

Trust. Is a very important factor in any relationship. If I’m cheating with you that means we know how each other moves. We know how we tell lies, our whereabouts, etc. So that can cause one to be insecure if you miss one phone call one would automatically become suspicious. I would feel like if you cheated on your last girlfriend, what makes me any different? You may as well get someone to fill that void , the need to have your cake and eat it too.

Communication. There needs to be a serious conversation as to why we cheated , what did our previous relationship lack that could perhaps help this current relationship? Can we be faithful to each other and have a healthy relationship? No one can predict the future but you do have control of your actions and emotions.

Lust. I’ve never cheated before but the thought crossed my mind , at that point it was time to end my situation. I can understand the feeling of temptation, the fun in sneaking around and the pleasure in wanting something you can’t have so you do things you wouldn’t necessarily do to get ones attention. A temporary action can cause a long term consequence.

:Disclaimer: I do not condone cheating in any shape or form. There is no excuse. If I ever knew I was cheated on I would immediately remove myself from the situation.

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