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The weekend calls for drinks, good food, good conversations and great fun. It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a date night post and well I was overdue for one, right? Summer is approaching in just a few weeks , and with this 30 day no social media thing I have going on, I need to get out more.

When I go out on the town with my close girlfriends, I do just that, enjoy each other’s company. I don’t go out with the intentions of meeting a guy or even providing my phone number to a guy. That has never been my expectation when I go out. When it comes to social media we’ve all had our fair share of unnecessary junk in our direct messages , someone follows you and then likes pictures from 52 weeks ago, weird right?! I’ve been on social media since 2009 and I’ve come across some Grade A weirdos and even authentic genuine people.

So there’s this guy…it’s almost a given that I am turning down someone and you could be attractive , have a nice approach, and I will automatically turn you down. :Shrugs: it’s the introvert in me. Sorry, not sorry.

Moving right along this guy was different, I didn’t know him but I knew him, if that makes sense. I was familiar with whom he was, where I knew him from, that type of thing. Yes, I found him attractive, his beard added to his features of course, and well he didn’t say “when can we chill”, like most of the individuals I’ve came in contact with.

If you were to ask me what my type is, I don’t have a list. I will give my time to someone who doesn’t waste it and can keep my interest. Physical features, attractive yes , but I’ve dated light to chocolate, skinny, fit build to heavy. If you show respect it will be reciprocated.


The date. We were supposed to meet up at 8:30pm. I was late. I’m never late, and we were just talking about how we can’t stand when people are late. We drove to the restaurant together. He dropped me off at the door and he parked the car.

I’ve been to this restaurant before it’s one of my favorites, but this time it was different. The dining area with seating booths were closed so we had to seat ourselves in the seating area near the bar. The Finals were on television so that had his attention. Now the day before I said, “no phones during the date”, well that went out the window. He just had to entertain the group chat about the game.

I ordered salmon and asparagus as that is along the guidelines of my meal plan , and he ordered a chicken salad. While we waited for our food and even while we were eating there wasn’t much conversation which was awkward, to me. Something just felt off. After dinner we went to walk and look at the nice views in the area.

It was a nice spring night, not cold at all just a nice breeze.

It wasn’t too late although he had to be up early the next morning, we chilled on his rooftop and watched a bit of Game 4 The Cavaliers were winning thank goodness.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve gone on a date. Dates can be awkward, uncomfortable, nerve wrecking, and people are doing things to impress the other person. While we’ve been talking and have hung out a few times prior to the date I can say we interacted more during those times. It wasn’t a bad date at all but we could have opted for take-out and watched the game.

There was not a kiss at the end of the night, I personally don’t rush into any type of intimacy. Yes I’m attracted to this person, yes I’m interested in this person but there are levels. But, there will be more date nights!


Xo, thank for reading!

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