Date Night + Over The Weekend| In The City

Another Friday , another day night. Well this was more so early evening than late. While it was a rainy day in Pittsburgh we still made plans to hang out and have fun.

We chose Cambodian  Kitchen on the South Side, this is definitely one of my favorite spots in the City. I typically go there after a night of partying because they’re open until 5am! This was his first time so it was something new to try. I ordered the cambodican sampler platter and he ordered  General Tso Chicken.

I typically only order seafood wontons but we dined in and I was starving. The platter included chicken, shrimp rolls, seafood wontons, and veggie egg rolls. We laughed and talked while we waited for the food, which wasn’t a long wait at all. Ripped on people who came in and out the restaurant it was a nice dinner.

After dinner we headed two doors down to the Milkshake Factory. Great idea for dessert. I haven’t had this in quite some time especially being on this healthy kick. I ordered the strawberry waffle milkshake and he ordered the cookie dough fudge milkshake.

We’ve hung out frequently since the first date night post and it’s been a month’s time of getting to know each other.

I like where things are going, no pressure, no expectations although we did communicate clearly early on what our intentions are. We will see where things go!

These days I’ve been rather lazy. Sleeping in, working, using up vacation time to catch up on sleep. Sunday my cousin hit me up to go to this food rally. I was reluctant to go because 1) I didn’t want to spend money 2) I just didn’t feel like it. It’s Sunday that’s usually me time. She picked me up and we went. There was food vendors and some entrepreneurs whom sold clothing items. The set up was at a River walk along a bike trail under a pavilion with tables. It was look I felt like I was Lucky from Poetic Justice crashing the family cookout.

My expectations were seeing different vendors with tints set up showcasing different foods. Mostly everyone had soul food, some had sweet treats, whole others were selling clothes. I like the idea, displaying local entrepreneurs, support black  businesses, but the set up could have been a bit different. I didn’t purchase anything. Instead I went to my favorite low-key spot grabbed food, Cajun chicken no bread , and ordered two drinks, my favorite, Washington Apple

Y’all know I’m quick to go somewhere alone. The weather was perfect 75 degrees with a nice breeze. The bar wasn’t crowded at all and of course they had drink specials.

I had a great relaxing weekend, didn’t spend too much money. Oh, did you watch the Season 4 premiere of Power? What did you think?

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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