Date Night 


Date Night: “A prearranged occasion two individuals go out to enjoy themselves, time away from responsibilities. ”

In a recent post I talked about dating in a world that revolves around social media, and I also mentioned fun things to do without spending tons of money.

This past Friday night I went on a date with someone I’ve been seeing. This date was planned earlier in the week so all week we were collaborating on things to do in the City besides the usual bar / lounge setting and we’ve already seen a movie ( Jason Bourne ). I want to mention I like when a guy plans the date especially for me being the one who always plans things and initiates outings.

We decided to go to the Pittsburgh Improv as the event was brought to my attention as I was browsing the internet. Tony Rock was the headlining comedian for the weekend neither one of us have seen him live so I purchased the tickets online and told my date what time the show started (9:45pm).

Now I’m the girl who has to have a new outfit no matter where I’m going. There is just something about being in a new outfit. No matter what I wear its new to people whom never seen me wear it! In my head at work I’m gathering potential outfits since I get off at 6pm and I have to shower , do my makeup etc. It took me 30 minutes to go to one of favorite clothing stores try on a couple of outfits and pick just one. At this point it’s already 7pm I had to freshen up and it takes 30 minutes to do my makeup and then I had to iron the new dress I bought and I paired them with my favorite nude pumps I have had since the Spring.


My date arrives at 9:15pm , yes ladies he is always on time and does not keep me waiting therefore when he arrived I did not keep him waiting. We complimented each other on how good we looked and we were on our way to enjoy the night. We had good seats, we wasted no time ordering drinks, since our second date I’ve introduced him to Tequila (my favorite drink of choice), my go-to is a Margarita with sugar on the rim.

Before the opening act we were able to talk, ask each other how work was, and give predictions on if this would be a good live show. His personality is similar to mine, so of course we had jokes about people in the audience, how we both were happy we were not sitting front and center because we all know you’re setting yourself up to be the joke of the night.

After the show , we were starving and the night was still young so we headed to Jerome Bettis’ Grille in the North Shore for conversation, food and drinks. He opens doors ; car doors and restaurant doors. Made sure I was walking on the inside of the sidewalk. Now this is something I am use to (11 brothers) but I just want to point out that he is a gentleman. Yes I paid for the tickets and I did not want him to pay me for them, he paid for everything the rest of the evening. I’m a firm believer that a guy should not always pay and that once in a while it should be fifty-fifty not up for debate.

After we enjoyed food and a couple of drinks we thought we would go on a night walk and recap the evening. The weather was just right and it was a nice scenery to sit and get to know each other more without loud music from your usual bar/lounge playing in the background.



If you know me or as you get to know me I am a private person when it comes to my personal life. Relationships are better when its between the two people involved. So you won’t see pictures , tweets or FB statuses about anyone I’m involved with. I will continue to share advice and date night suggestions for you all.

Have you had a recent date night with someone you’re in a relationship with or currently getting to know? Share some of your favorite / fun dates in the comments.

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  1. Date nights are great experiences where you get to see you’re date in many different aspects and atmosphere’s. Great tip for guys is to try and take a woman outside her norm pull her out her comfort zone when planning a date. Woman remember everything (we all know lol) make a memory with her so she will remember you even after it. Some great ideas take a dance class together like salsa or go to art/museum, go paddle boarding lol just something that’s a surprise and your date night will turn into a memorable night!

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