Dating In A World That Revolves Around Social Media

When was the last time you went on an actual date? When was the last time someone actually approached you in person instead of hopping in your DM’s? Does this stuff still happen?

No shade towards how you meet the person but from observation and experience,I don’t feel people are going the extra mile, social media is making it so easy.

I asked when was the last time you went on a date, well for myself personally, this weekend. Before that it was a couple of months ago and he approached me while I was out with friends. He didn’t say, “Yo shorty with the short hair”, neither. He actually walked up to me like a grown ass man.

Now a days with social media, meeting someone is right at your fingertips. If you have a crush on someone you can easily slide in their DMs and let the rest work itself out. Now when I said no shade towards how you meet a person I mean only if they approach you accordingly. Not the “when are we goin’ chill type of message”, more like “when can I take you out”, at least.

:Disclaimer: I know we have people who post rather explicit / thirsty pictures on social media and that has a lot to do with how guys approach them.

People are slaves to social media that they no longer know how to even hold a conversation face to face. People feel more comfortable texting than they do talking on the phone–text messages can easily be misconstrued. You will have someone who will see you in public and they follow you on social media but they won’t even approach you to say hi, but tweet you, “I think I seen you out”, weird.

No work goes into dating. It’s not about spending money it’s about spending time to actually get to know each other. If I don’t know you, why would I invite you over or even feel comfortable going to your place. There are so many public places for FREE that you can go to enjoy each others company.

All I’m saying is the dating phases is easily skipped over and people want the benefits of a relationship without the commitment. Think about this, if you’re dating someone right now, how did you meet , how often do you talk on the phone, are you invested in getting to know one another?

Share your comments below , do you think social media effects dating ?



  1. First off is like to say I totally agree with This post Mshoney.Now I’ve done things like hop in Dm’s(don’t judge me)mainly cause now seeing someone in person doesn’t seem to work anymore. One time I called myself trying to talk to this woman and the first thing she asked me was what’s your Instagram, how many followers you got..(turned me off)so I definitely think social media has changed the dating scene drastically.

  2. I agree with you ms honey! Conversation has gone away like baggy clothes. People now rather have yah snap chat name or Instagram than government name. Sad part about it is its causing people to know who the person wants to be rather than who they are. Taken away from the connection and memories of dating. Great post

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