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The Introverted Single Friend isn’t an anti- relationship movement. I’ve been asked quite a few times if I will ever get into a relationship, or how long do I plan to be single. I give the blank stare before explaining. If you know me I get offended when people ask me certain questions and you know I’m anti-explanation.

I may have not explained before or maybe some people didn’t listen to my podcast, which will be returning soon. When I picked the name of my blog and podcast it simply describes me but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a forever type of thing. I’ll always be an introvert but I don’t plan to be single forever.

The introvert lifestyle is the blog name and that pertains to my thoughts and opinions on subjects coming from an introvert. The podcast stemmed from being the single friend amongst my group of girlfriends and sisters whom are all in relationships.

Being single isn’t a movement, I’m not screaming #teamsingle nor am I against relationships. Believe it or not I love , love. I enjoy being in a relationship. I love to see men recognize when they have a good woman and takes care of his family and does right by them. I don’t dislike men, I’ve never bashed me , I’ve never stated “all men ain’t sh*t”, being bitter just isn’t apart of my character. When things do not work out between myself and someone whom I am involved with, I look at it as another lesson apart of life and believing everything happens for a reason.

I’ve been in very few relationships in my life and one of them being the most serious. Yes I go on dates and sometimes that’s where they begin and end and that’s okay. It’s okay to go on dates and nothing becomes of it. I’m not quick to claim someone or put a label on something, I’m a go with the flow, enjoy time getting to know someone type of person, as long as both people are on the same page.

What I will say is, I don’t date anyone that I work with. I don’t date the friends of people whom are in my circle. I don’t like for people to set me up with someone and I will not go on a blind date. I will not date anyone in my DMs. None of which are my thing no offense to anyone that just isn’t my preference. I know you’re thinking well sheesh how do you expect to meet someone. Listen, I still believe it is possible to come across a 6’5 chocolate fella in a grocery store, at the mall, at a restaurant or any other local place that doesn’t include a club / bar scene.

You may be reading this thinking “damn she bout as lonely as they come”. Think what you want you’re entitled to that but what I want single people to understand is that it’s okay to be single, it’s okay to embrace the single life and get to know yourself, love yourself and do things yourself. Don’t seek happiness from someone, make yourself happy.

To answer your question that you’ve been asking, “how long do you plan on being single”, until the right man comes along that keeps my attention, doesn’t waste my time, recognizes he’s in the presence of a real one and no games will be played. Understand that things don’t happen over night , things will happen when they’re meant to happen. I don’t have a date marked off on my calendar, “meet Mr. Right”.

Some of us have this notion that by a certain age we want to have xyz checked off our “list”, we want to have all of this accomplished by such and such age. Things never go as planned, right?! Be realistic with yourself, have patience, enjoy life, enjoy the ride god has set for you. When you look for something you won’t find the right thing it just may be any thing to pass the time. Let things happen and that goes for anything in your life. Don’t rush greatness.

Check out my previous post and you’ll see more of why I don’t rush to get into a relationship these days.

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