Double Standards of Cheating. Tasha vs Ghost

Happy Friday! We have guest blogger ChanJ sharing her insight on the double standards of Cheating. Why it is worse when Tasha cheats versus Ghost cheating in the hit drama series Power. Many woman can identify with Tasha and may feel as though she’s playing the game well, while men believe it’s distasteful.


I think what Tasha did was wrong. It’s not about the revenge it’s about owning up to the wrongs and either making it work or walking away. Tasha isn’t so innocent as ppl want her to be. In fact, she’s a very spiteful person. She is one of those people who wants to get you back with the same situation.

So a lot of viewers are saying “Tasha did what she should have, Ghost been cheating.” But did y’all forget her and Shawn? She’s been showing she’s doing her. No matter what Ghost/James/Jamie does. I don’t condone cheating and I think that if you are in a relationship for that long (kids are involved) then it should be a decision either work it out or walk away. Don’t keep holding hope when y’all both know that dream is deferred.

What ghost did in the past with Angela (who I still can’t stand) at this point is in the past. Ghost is out of jail trying to keep his family together at least til this boils over. You know the saying “fake it til you make it” well that should be the motto for this family right now! The daughter understands, Tariq though, I’m going to leave that up for another topic. But anyway, Tasha and Ghost, so when faking it you should definitely be alert on your surroundings, friends, enemies, and now your legal representation!

You have to be strategic. Now Tasha told Ghost like I don’t trust you and you don’t trust me but we are all we got to basically keep Ghost and now her out of jail. What I can’t seem to understand is why she had to mess with the help! Not once but TWICE! You gotta be kidding me. First, Shawn now The lawyer! O did y’all forget about Shawn. Ye I bet you did, but ye she had her thing with Shawn who was more like a little brother or son to Ghost. So because he spilled the beans on Ghost and Angela that gave you fair game to mess with some one. It’s not especially close to home. She’s so tit-for-tat person. She’s every revengeful and it makes her look weak to me. She looks like she needs that companionship I mean she slept with the lawyer. Which is a yuck ! I’m sorry he’s not attractive to me and he shouldn’t be to Tasha since he was supposed to be your husbands lawyer. To me she’s desperate. There No way I’m sleeping with the lawyer regardless of him not wanting to work for Ghost, the fact remained the same.

Tasha that was a poor, desperate move. You come at Ghost all the time and yet do the same thing. Have some respect if not for the situation (Ghost being on trial) then have some for yourself. What Ghost did was wrong and he will forever have to live with that but don’t go and try to beat him at his own game because you look bitter!

Ok guys that’s my piece,

ChanJ Out

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  1. I don’t think either are right, so I don’t believe there is a double standard, my only thing with Tasha was that Ghost came at her with legitimate concerns, he said I don’t know any old gangsters, he had bigger dreams, beyond the street life and she shunned those and wanted him to remain Ghost, yet somehow when she decides to mess with someone else she chooses people not involved in the street life.

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