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Eyelash Extensions are one of the popular services in the beauty industry. The eyelash extension application has been around for years, but with social media it has been one of the most popular services for women. I am going to share do’s and don’ts, what the application process is like, and my journey being a Lash artist.

What are eyelash extensions? Individual synthetic eyelashes applied to your natural lash 1 to 1 with a medical grade adhesive. Each of your natural lash will have one eyelash extension attached. It is a 2 hour application. Your eyes are closed the entire time of application.

How long does the eyelash extensions last? They can last up to a month with proper care and maintaining a fill every 2-3 weeks.

Can I wear makeup with the eyelash extensions? Yes, you can continue to do your makeup routine, it is recommended not to wear mascara. Mascara can make the eyelashes hard, clumpy, harder to clean, and doesn’t look natural.

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Do brush them with a disposable mascara wand once a day
  • do not get the lashes wet for 24-48 hours
  • avoid saunas, steam, tanning beds, crying, sweating for 48 hours
  • cleanse your lashes with a safe oil free cleanser
  • try to sleep on your back the first few days
  • listen to your eyelash tech about after care as this is how the lashes will last long
  • do not pick and pull the extensions off. Schedule an appointment to have them properly removed
  • do not wear mascara
  • do not go more than three weeks without getting a fill as this can cause you to need a full set
  • do not use a wand curler

When I graduated beauty school, I took an advanced course at the school for eyelash extensions. I knew it would be a great service to add to my list of skills when building my resume. Eyelash extensions are popular, a great investment for consumers, and you can make great money. The application is harder than most would think.

You have to be patient, have hand-eye coordination, calm, relaxed, focused, clean, neat, professional, and communicate adequately to your client. You are sitting the entire time while the client is lying still on their back during the application. You have to have proper temperature in the room that you are doing the application so that the lashes apply and stay on correctly.

I began doing eyelash extensions consistently in August after learning and obtaining a certificate in June. The place that I do the eyelash extensions service provides training to licensed individuals, whether you have experience or not. You will work on models before taking paying clients. For some people they can pick up the technique in 2 weeks while some may take up to a month.

Here is a picture of when I first started to where I am now. By far not perfect, I have long ways to go and this is something that you will continue to progress and get better as time goes on with doing the application continuously.

For me, I struggle most with having a steady right hand to place the lashes, and also overall application of making the lashes look fuller. Advice I can give those that are just starting out, it will take time, you will become discouraged, you must have patience. Focus on the quality of the work rather than rushing trying to finish in two hours. Some people took 4 hours for their first set. I took 3 hours on my very first model and it was nowhere near full. See below.

Practice , practice and research. Practice on friends and family. Follow different lash artists, join groups on Facebook. Before you pay for a training course make sure you research the person or school first. Also some states require you to have your cosmetology or esthetician license in order to do eyelash extensions, a certificate from a training course isn’t enough, in most states.

I enjoy what I do. I like making my clients happy. It is a stress , relaxing service to perform. Especially with me having anxiety and stressors in life as is. Some days I’m discouraged, some days I feel like it’s impossible. Take pictures of your work every time even if you don’t like the set. Just to see how you can improve and see how far you’ve come.

Everyone has different eyelashes, some people don’t have any, some people have long, short, damaged, thin, thick, even layered lashes. Our natural lashes shed about 3-5 lashes a day this is why fills are important so you can maintain you fullness.

There different curl patterns for eyelash extensions, there are also different kinds of eyelash extensions designs. Classic Eyelash Extensions , are one to one application of the synthetic lash covering 90% of the natural eyelashes, Hybrid Extensions are the in between of classic and volume. They are using long classic lashes interspersed with shorter volume lashes, 50/50 mix giving added fullness. Volume lashes are 3 fans placed on top of the natural lashes. See below (not my work)


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