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Hello November is here. My naturalistas it’s time to protect our mane as the weather gets colder. There are plenty of protective styles to choose from and I wanted to share my latest protective style that will surely help my hair grow and allow me to take a break from consistent munipulation.

Last week I made an impulse decision to order bundles from the beauty guru Ming Lee’s Snob Life brand. She currently has bundles starting at $70. I placed my order Thursday for standard shipping and I received my order on Sunday. I purchased 3 bundles 16in Indian Curly.

This is the hairstyle I was in love with and wanted to imitate.

In this picture Ming is wearing 4 bundles and a closure 22in. She’s very tall, I didn’t want long curls I just wanted the fullness.

I contacted my friend Sasha who is a licensed cosmopolitan to make me a unit. I dropped the hair  off Sunday and Wednesday she braided my hair into 6 cornrows and I was ready to wear the unit.

i have gotten so many compliments and inquiries on this hair I had to make a blogpost. This was the first time that I purchased hair from Snob Life

As I have previously stated before I am not going to wear sew-in hairstyles as I have found in the past my hair breaks off too much because it is difficult to keep my scalp moisturized and my scalp is sensitive. I felt as though this time around I would try a unit and so far I love it.

I use the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil on my scalp , I love the mint smell. The convenience of taking the unit off every night and moisturing my scalp with hair oil and placing the bonnet on my head. It also doesn’t cause any time of discomfort when I wear the unit as we all know sew-ins can be rather tight and uncomfortable the first week. I will film a tutorial soon on how I maintain my hair while I have the unit as I do plan to wear this for the remainder of the cold climate.

What are some protective styles you plan to wear this Fall/Winter season? Share with me below.

Thanks for reading.

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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