Fear of Flying

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Have you ever wanted to go out-of-town to another city or state or even to another country for vacation with the girls or with the fellas? Everyone is down and engages in the plans but when it comes time to execute , no one delivers on their word?

So you miss out on that weekend getaway or that 5-day vacation because your friends fell through ? No, you go anyway. Have you never heard of the saying “Book A Ticket And Just Leave” ? Well, that is the question of the Day: Would you take a trip solo and enjoy the trip alone?

Often times we miss out on things because we feel as though we need a partner or a group of people to do it with. We all can relate. Now if you aren’t that person whom will go out-of-town with just anybody, this isn’t for you. Most people don’t have the personality or just do not feel safe traveling alone. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and LIVE.

I brought the question to social media and the responses were quite interesting. 90% of readers would absolutely travel out-of-state or the country alone and enjoy themselves , some have done it while the other 10% said no, not at all.

Majority, of the places people have gone alone, were New York, Miami, D.C., Texas, to name a few. Readers have shared that traveling alone is peaceful , it’s fun and you don’t always need a travel buddy.

My personal mission is to pick a few states and travel alone , do some self-reflection, even vlog/blog about it. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I went on vacation due to not having anyone to go with and to be honest its pretty whack. My first travel alone test will be this Fall so stay tuned.

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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