Feeling Overwhelmed with Life | Monday Motivation

Too often we bite off more than we can chew. Some of use act on impulse wanting to execute our goals without thoroughly mapping out the plans. Organizing and having an agenda as well as proper time management are very important when it pertains to your day-to-day tasks.

With two months remaining in Beauty School, two weeks into my position at Ulta, my anxiety is kicking in. If you all didn’t know I do suffer from anxiety. It’s been something I always struggled with privately but last year is when is actually talked to a physician about it. My anxiety has gotten in the way of many opportunities and that’s because I allowed it to without properly addressing my personal issues.

With anxiety I become overwhelmed with life every so often when I have a lot on my plate, when I have a big day approaching, even the littlest thing of Monday starting a new work week up to losing sleep because I’m so stressed.

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed because I feel like things aren’t happening for me fast enough. My birthday is next month and honestly I don’t want to celebrate. It doesn’t feel the same when you have to plan it yourself , invite your close friends and family and people are late or don’t show up. Not to mention another year of being single in which I’d much rather go on a baecation. So to avoid any disappointment and unnecessary stress I’d just rather not celebrate.

When I have something on my mind I write or talk to my mom. ¬†Her advice is always, “…don’t stress yourself out, things will work out.”

My schedule is full I literally have Sundays to myself being off from both jobs and no school. I will usually do a face mask, wash and deep condition my hair, study, and plan out blog posts and YouTube videos.

I told my mom that I asked to be busy and this is what I got. I’m not complaining I just wish I would see my future up until this upcoming Summer. For some reason Summer ’18 will be good to me.

The heaviest weight on my shoulder is my corporate job, while it’s¬†financing my goals and I need the medical benefits but it’s in the way. I have no time to take on makeup clients. I work my first job Monday through Friday first half of the day, school in the evenings Monday through Thursday, and I work at Ulta Fridays and Saturdays mid shift.

So surreal I told my mom, as I was working on Saturday at Ulta I took a moment and looked around and thought to myself, “I really work here, this is my reality…”

When life stresses you out and you become overwhelmed take a break. Be thankful before you complain. Appreciate the struggle , and know that a breakthrough is coming.


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