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February 2016 is when I did the big chop for the second time. If you’re not familiar with what the big chop is, it’s when a woman cuts off all her hair, or majority of her relaxed hair to start over and begin the natural journey. Natural means no chemicals, and no heat. I decided it was time for a length check 11 months in.
I did the big chop for the first time in 2013 right after my break up and coming to the realization my hair was damaged from being a blonde for the whole Summer and it being over processed as well keeping in sew-ins longer than I should have.

Fall 2015

I was natural for two years before I got my first trim and blow out and I was amazed at how long my hair was. Being as though I didn’t have a trim of ends at all , I had to cut a lot off and the hair stylist Shalaya had to reshape my hair.

Spring 2015
February 2016


I was so happy with the outcome of my hair when I got it trimmed and reshaped in 2015. I went back three weeks later for another blow out and it was over for my curl pattern. Typically most naturlista’s get a blow out once a year or once every six months. Also when you blow your hair out you don’t want to immediately wash your hair to get your curls back, you should try a mix of mayonnaise and 1 egg and blend it together and put that in your hair and then wash.

It will be 1 year next month since I did big chop #2 so I decided lets make a hair appointment and get a trim to see how long my hair is, because if you don’t know, shrinkage is real and its hard to tell how long your hair is when it’s in the curly state.

Check out my latest Youtube video as I visit the salon and explain my hair journey.

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