First Week Working for Clinique inside Ulta | Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Second week of March we’re getting closer to Spring! Today’s Motivation Monday, I wanted to share my experience working for Clinique so far and how I got hired.

If you read last week’s post I shared how I wrote down my goals back in November and so far I have made them a reality. Working at Ulta was on the list. The reason I wanted to work at Ulta is because I wanted to gain more experience working with different skin tones and building relationships with people and gaining clientele. It also was a way to become more knowledgeable of other makeup brands and skin care lines being as though Ulta carries both.

February I applied to a post I seen on and a recruiter from Esteé Lauder emailed me and I immediately submitted a cover letter, résumé, and photos of my work that I have done on my clients. A week later I received an email that Clinique was interested and wanted to conduct a phone interview. That following Tuesday I was invited in for a face to face interview with a manager for Clinique inside Ulta. After they finished the interview with other candidates, a few business days later I was hired.

It all happened smoothly and I couldn’t believe I would be working inside one of my favorite stores. I was already familiar with the layout as I have been to many different Ulta stores in my area, I knew what brands they carried verses Sephora brands. When I had my interview it didn’t feel like an interview we sat down in the Clinique area and talked about me and the day-to-day operations.

I received free samples at the end of my interview which were the Beyond Perfecting Foundation and the Beyond Perfecting Concealer and a small trial size of the new Moisture Surge Hydrator.

This past Friday was my first day and the two ladies that I would be working with were so welcoming and excited for me to join the crew. I shadowed them and watched how they interacted with customers, I end got to match someone for a foundation. I walked around the store and met the other ladies. Clinique is considered a vendor , we also have Lancome in the store and they are vendors as well , every one else were hired directly through Ulta.

Saturday I worked mid day and it was steady. I almost panicked because as I was walking out of the break room to start my shift a lady asked me about a hair care line I politely smiled and advised her I can check in the salon for her. She was sweet unfortunately we discontinued the line but she was very nice. I helped more customers on my own with matching foundation, providing samples of different products they wanted to try.

I also did a demo on a teenager whom wanted to know a good highlighter although she wanted Urban Decay that was fine, e also picked out some lipstick which she wanted a nude shade for an interview, and she also wanted help with being better at filling in her eyebrows. One thing I have to get use to is being on my feet for hours at a time.

One thing I do like is that it’s hourly rate and there is no commission although we have sales goals it is not per person more so per brand. Clinique is #3 top seller in the store which is great. Commission based jobs can make people caty, bitchy, rude, and competitive. Nobody has time for that.

My manager mailed me some goodies and I will receive my white coat in a few weeks at the store so I can be official like the other Clinique girls.

I will primarily work weekends part-time and I am considered freelance. Some days we won’t all work together as there are three of us, which I kind of don’t look forward to that, being by yourself.

We have a three-day training coming up in May at a hotel in the area I am looking forward to that and more free goodies. The training I have taken is online and it is basically introducing all the products Clinique has and then taking a quiz after each module, you go at your own pace and you get paid so it’s not bad at all.

Some may think, “oh girl why you so hype over a retail job” , “those jobs are for college students”, listen, I will say the pay is more than what I expected, that’s a plus. Secondly I am doing this for experience. Being a freelance consultant you don’t get any discounts, but any time there are events with brands we so receive “gratis” (free goodies). I also don’t care about the pay because I still have my corporate job.

As much as I want to live my truth, be an entrepreneur, do makeup all day and blog for a living, I have to be smart. My corporate job finances my goals , school, and bills. What I do is set short-term goals and that will result in the bigger picture. Never stand still, never get too comfortable, strive for me. Do better, be better. Lord knows going from full-time to part-time as an adult with real life bills it’s a struggle and stressful but come sacrifice and risk follows rewards.

Do things for you, make sure YOU are happy. Put yourself first. Don’t explain to anyone why you do the things that you do, they won’t understand. Enjoy your Monday!

Thanks for reading! ?

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