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Fit for 30 has come to an end. The final week ended for me this past Friday May 26th. Being as though this was Memorial Day weekend I did even try to have enough discipline to eat right let alone continue the protein smoothie only regimen. I didn’t attend any cookouts but I did enjoy a new restaurant on Saturday.

I commend myself for trying the liquid only meal plan on Monday . Day 2 I felt good, I stuck with it. I made a protein smoothie for breakfast. As a snack I had tuna, or yogurt. For lunch I had another protein Smoothie. As a snack I had boiled eggs. For dinner I had another smoothie , he only different was in would either mix whey protein and the casein protein or have one or the other and change the type of fruit. I can say I didn’t feel hungry but my body felt like it needed more and it resulted in me having a headache. For the following days I incorporated salmon, or fish along with the protein smoothies.

I worked out three days last week, ranging from full body workouts, cardio day, and back day. Here is a photo of Week 1 compared to the final week.

I have workout friends we call ourselves the 5am Crew. It’s 5 ladies that workout at 5am Monday through Friday. We all help each other, we hold each other accountable for eating and making it to the workouts during the week. Throughout the week we have a group chat and we encourage each other to eat right.

What I can say is that this Fit for 30 teaches you discipline and if you follow the meal plan and workout 3-5 days a week you will see results. Along the way I definitely was discouraged and frustrated because of course I looked the mirror every morning before and after the workout. I didn’t weigh myself the first week but I did weigh myself the second and last week. The goal for me wasnt to lose weight but to see if I can stick to the meal plan and commit to the challenge.

My trainer will be conducting a new Fit for 30 challenge June 1st. If you’re interested you can email

I’m undecided if I will do the fit for 30 for June, but I will continue to eat right and try harder to consumer more water. I want to get a fruit infused water bottle so that way I can add fruit to my water and it’s easier to drink throughout the day.

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