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It’s officially been 7 days since I started the Fit for 30 journey. Sundays start the new week meaning new meal plan and of course new challenges. I wanted to recap the first week including the workouts, the meals, and the helpfulness is the Facebook support group.

Although we are not keeping track of calories I still document my meals in the MyFitnessPal app on my phone and I share pictures of my meals on Snapchat and in the support group. The first week I worked out 4 times , the last workout of the week focused on abs.

The challenge for most of us was not participating in Cinco de Mayo , everyone wanted tacos and tequila. We opted for lettuce wraps which turned out to be good and fulfilling.

Lettuce Taco | lettuce, baked chicken, tomatoes, salsa, pinch of shredded cheese, black beans, corn

The goal is to drink 1 gallon of water a day or 8 bottles of water a day. This has always been a struggle for me , I don’t have a desire for fluids so I drink at most 2 bottles of day with 1 8oz green tea in the morning. However for lunch or breakfast some days I will drink a smoothie.

This smoothie fills up about 12oz bottle that I have. This will be enough to fulfill my appetite. The trick is to drink it fast do not let it sit. I can stand the smell of the protein but it’s not distasteful.

The first weeks main course included chicken or opt for a smoothie, while this week it’s salmon.

Example week 1:

Breakfast : 3 slices of turkey bacon | 1 banana | 8oz green tea | Egg whites| Side of spinach

Lunch: Smoothie: kale & spinach mix | scoop of protein powder | raspberries | Greek yogurt | 1 tbsp peanut butter | 8oz of water

Snack: kind bar

Dinner : Chicken salad : baked chicken | kale | black beans | 1 egg | tomato slices | cucumbers | balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 1 bottle of water

Week 2:

Breakfast : 1 banana | 3 slices of turkey bacon | 1 hard-boiled egg | oatmeal | 8oz green tea

Snack : smoothie : kale & spinach | 1 scoop whey protein | 1 tbsp peanut butter | raspberries | Greek yogurt | 8oz almond milk

Lunch: Tuna Salad : Tuna Creations | kale & spinach | tomato slices | cucumbers | black beans | 1 egg| balsamic vinaigrette dressing 1 bottle of water

Dinner: 1 bottle of water | grilled Salmon | mixed vegetables.

Here is a photo of week 1:

Two people in the support group have shared that they have lost 3lbs! Congratulations to them we’ve made it to week 2 and we have each other for support. The hardest part is eating healthy on the weekends. That’s when you hang out with family and friends , go out to eat or even go out to bars. The Fit for 30 rules are :

Some people couldn’t last a week. It’s all mental. It’s all in how bad you want to feel good , look good, live a healthy life. The people participating in this Fit for 30 journey are doing at home workouts , or self training at their gym, not everyone can afford a personal trainer and some people don’t have the time. You make it work, there are no excuses either you want it or you don’t.

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