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Week two has been completed. It wasn’t easy I had a funeral, and mother’s day all in 7 days. You can imagine how hard it was to eat right and stay focused.

Week two I tried to incorporate more protein smoothies in my daily meals. I would have 1 breakfast , and 1 for a snack. They are fulfilling but I just not fathom the smell of the protein powder. Here is an example of what I put in my protein smoothies.

The blender that I have shows you how much to put in for each product used. I start by filling the blender with almond milk, then I had the fruit, followed by the yogurt and then add 1 scoop of protein powder. I will say that the Natural Whey Protein is more tasteful than the Caseine Protein.

I did not weigh myself the first week but I did weight myself the second week and I weigh 137lbs! Now during this Fit for 30 we’re not keeping track of calorie intake and for me I didn’t set any goal weight. When you’re working out your weight will fluctuate and it can be muscle replacing fat. Don’t focus too much on numbers.

These are photos I took in the beginning of the week. For the first time in a long time I worked out 5 days in a row. My workouts consisted of leg day, back day, abs & ass day, and cardio. My trainer incorporated boxing into our cardio day and the rest were body weight exercises. Workouts can last from 45-60 minutes.

I mentioned that I had a funeral to attend as well as celebrated Mothersy Day AND my sister’s grand opening of her bar this past weekend. It was very hard to follow the meal plan , meaning no alcohol and no sweets. I definitely had a few sweets but I did not drink. My cousin had a mother’s day cookout I was able to eat grilled chicken breakfast, corn on the cab and potato salad with a bottle of water.

This being the third week I have to prepare myself for the last week of liquids only. I still am working on my water intake. Here is an example of breakfast that I had today:

What I will say is that it doesn’t take much for me to become full. When I eat I don’t feel like I ate too much, or I don’t feel as though I need more food. I will check in with you all next week and don’t forget to follow me on SnapChat or Instagram to see my workouts : @iammshoney.

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  1. Well done on the progress. I’m starting out exercising too. It’s the worst to begin with and then it gets addictive! I find diet easier than exercise though.

    Have a good one,


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