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With just 9 days remaining in the month of May, the Fit for 30 is coming to an end. With this being the end of week 3 I’m preparing myself for this week’s liquid only meals, this will be a challenge considering I’m working in the office all of this week.

As I stated this will be more of a challenge for me being in the office this week because you’re tempted when you see people bring in food and snacks for the employees or so many places to eat in downtown Pittsburgh. Although most of the time I had already packed my lunch when I worked in the office it still is difficult to eat only what you brought in for lunch.

Now let’s recap week 3. I only worked out two days last week and one of them being Saturday, where my trainer held a boot camp for existing and potential clients for 1 hour, for only $10. You come alone or you can bring a friend and get in a good workout and ask any questions you may have about weight training and meal planning.

Since I worked out twice instead of my usual 4 days a week training I had to make sure I ate accordingly. Which for me, weekends tend to be much harder for me. During the week I had either oatmeal for breakfast, or bacon with egg whites and 1 banana and a cup of green tea. My water intake was less for sure this week although I will sit around and est a cup of ice all day. For lunch some days I didn’t have lunch because I wasn’t hungry while other days I would eat grilled chicken and vegetables. For dinner I had salmon and asparagus or salmon and veggies with a bottle of water. I also had less snacks and I didn’t have near as much protein shakes as I did week two.

One could say I slacked this past week and I could agree. At this point in my journey I want abs and I’m becoming impatient and discouraged. Eating healthy and working out 3-4 days a week isn’t easy at all. When you go on social media and you see people enjoying the finer things in life as my trainer would say which means pizza, wings, donuts, ice cream and you’re eating a salad or tuna it’s rough. Especially those with high metabolism and don’t gain any weight at all.

This is a picture I took at the end of week three

I didn’t bother to step on the scale because numbers are discouraging too. I use to have a goal weight but now I don’t , looking good in shorts with nice toned legs, and looking like a snack in a bikini would be the summer 17 goal.

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