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A journey is a long and often difficult process of personal change and development. This past Saturday I worked out for the first time in two months. That hour workout felt like two hours in slow motion. I was winded and kept taking water breaks you would’ve thought I was a beginner. Let’s talk about this fitness journey..

The photo above shows 6 pictures from the top left that’s 2016 the year I had surgery and I began working out with my trainer Akeeme. The last picture bottom right is December 2017 the last time I worked out.

Being as though I was starting school in January I had to cut some expenses within my budget. Having a personal trainer is a luxury and although it is an investment in yourself I had to cut back. Now there is no excuse for not working out at all. I could workout at home, I could join a gym but let’s be realistic, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a gym when I know I’m not going to push myself enough to go everyday and I tend to do the same workouts. Hit the treadmill and then wait in line for weights, the squat rack and do some of the other machines. I don’t feel productive when I go to the gym alone. Cardio alone is not going to build muscle or tone my body how I want.

Fast forward the current month. I have two months and twenty-eight days left of school. My birthday is coming up next month (which I probably won’t celebrate) , but Summer ’18 is fast approaching. I felt fat and out of shape during the workout but I was happy I dragged myself out of bed after only getting 4 hours of sleep.

The thing is nothing has really changed since I haven’t been in the gym. When you don’t workout you lose your muscle mass, you lose definition, and honey I’ve done too many squats in the last year and a half to lose my lil booty and toned legs. I don’t eat meat at all. I eat Salmon, fish, tuna, vegetables and fruits. Not to mention pizza times ten! Which is horrible. There are 285 calories in one slice of pizza. As far as dairy products, I drink almond milk and I eat egg whites. I just like to snack! Snacks meaning these keebler cookies, and candy. My struggle is that I don’t drink enough water. You’re supposed to drink 1 gallon a day! I’ve been on this apple juice craving which isn’t all bad but I need to drink more water.

I was in my feelings about it. Feeling like I’m starting over, feeling like all that hard work I put in 4 days a week was for nothing. I have my personal goals I want to achieve physical fit wise. When I was consistent I was building muscle and gaining weight, solid, so I didn’t care what the scale read. But when I seen 148 I knew it was mainly my stomach and not drinking enough water. I took these pictures and I was hesitant to share but that’s the thing, it’s a journey it will be rough, it will be challenging, continuously find motivation to keep going. It’s okay to take breaks just don’t quit.

Some people may think I don’t look bad or that it doesn’t look like much of a difference. I know my body and I know what I am comfortable with. I’m not sharing this for ‘likes’, I want to be transparent with my viewers and let you know that working out is a lifestyle and its not temporary it’s an ongoing process. It’s all in how bad you want to live a healthy fulfilling life.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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