Goodbye 2016 , Hello 2017 !

When you sit and reflect on what you learned about yourself, what you went through, good and bad this past year what do you come up with? What has 2016 taught you? Have you accomplished majority or all of your goals that you set out for yourself this year? As I look back at 2016 I have 5 things that I either accomplished or learned about myself.

For years , I was never into setting a new years resolution, I also was never the type to wait until January 1st to do something. My goals I typically don’t share I just write them down. I can’t stand a “watch me” or “wait until I” type of person, actions speaks louder than words any day.

Promotion. I’ve been at my workplace going on two years and I have been promoted 3 times. That was my goal when I got hired was to change positions within 6 months to a year of each other, I can’t remain stagnant, I don’t want to get to the point of waking up not wanting to go to work.  The month of January I am able to work from home, and this will allow me to work on my brand.

Re-branding. I started blogging seriously in 2013 after being fired from a job that I disliked anyway and wasn’t making much money. I wasn’t even upset that I was fired, I didn’t worry about how I would pay my bills, I didn’t even think I would get unemployment , but I did. I didn’t rush to fill out applications or worry about how long I would be out of work. When I figured out blogging was my calling I was the most happiest and stress free. In August of this year I decided to dismantle the entertainment blog and transition to a lifestyle blog and make my passion about me and not need a team to be behind me to execute my dream.

Letting go of the Past. We all have people in our lives longer than they are supposed to be. Especially if they are doing no good. Whether someone you’re dating on and off, a long time friend male or female if they aren’t an asset, don’t want to see you win like you want to see them win, let them go. I’ve let people go with no explanation and have not looked back nor felt bad about it. I learned to not let years invested in someone stop me from cutting them off. People have expiration dates in your lives.

Credit Score, Over the years I’ve been down on myself and feeling embarrassed when I go to apply for something and I get declined. This is something that’s temporary , this is something I have control to change. 2015 I bought my first car and although I have had countless vehicles, this was mine, no co-signer, no down payment just a trade it. I was able to do that because I worked on my credit as I continue to do and will continue to do. Credit is everything and they don’t teach you that in high school. No matter how much money you have, credit is everything. Limit the number of credit cards you have because that’s a quick way to be in debt, avoid putting your name on things for family or friends, and start off by paying things on your credit report that is in collections.

Love. New Years Eve will make 4 years of being single. When I was a young girl I just knew I would be married with two kids by the age of 30. Honey, life never goes as planned and that’s okay. I can honestly say I am okay with being the single friend, I’m okay not dating anyone. I feel free and I sleep good at night. Love with come when I least expect it, not to say I was actively looking but I won’t worry about when Mr. Right will come.

Of course I had to ask my viewers what 2016 has taught them:

-That it’s okay to be a little selfish in order to be happy and not a people pleaser

-That everybody wanna see you do good just not better than them

-Passion, feelings, goals never really change over time! You just figure different ways to approach them, or call them other things but they stay with you

-To give zero f*cks! Stop letting people control your emotions! Focus more on yourself and different ways to invest and save your money!

Share with me in the comments what you have learned, or accomplished in 2016! Thanks for reading! Happy New Year.

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