Happy New Year | Wednesday Brunch

Happy New Year! 364 days to conquer your goals and live life. I hope that you all had a fun and safe holiday with family and friends. I wanted to make sure I started the new year off right by sharing a new blog post.

For the last 4 years I’ve spent my New Years Eve going to a church service and going home. This NYE I worked both jobs starting at 9am and ending my day at 8pm. Yes I’m an entrepreneur, I am a licensed Esthetician providing beauty services at Skin | Body Esthetics and I am a certified lash artist at Deka Lash.

I had no complaints working all day because I have been praying that God blesses me through my passion. I wouldn’t have wanted my NYE any other way. After I ended my day I came out showered, ate dinner, and had some wine while watching Netflix with a friend.

I have no desire to go out to a bar or club on NYE anymore as I’ve done that since I turned 21 and my wants are different. I would rather spend it at home or even a vacation. I remember for some years my mom and I would always watch BET 106 & PARK countdown.

If you didn’t know, NYE going into 2014 I became single after being in a relationship for 5 years, and since then I just moved different and tried to do different things to celebrate NYE because I felt like 2014 was rough for me.

Let’s get into these 2019 goals, shall we?!

Promote myself. Too often I think too much into promoting myself and putting myself out there. I hate to be all over someone’s time line with multiple posts in one day. I get annoyed when someone does that. But you know what how else are people going to know what work you do? How else do you expect to turn followers into clients?

Live in the moment. Being an introvert I am also an overthinker. I hate it,I drive myself crazy. I think too deeply into EVERYTHING. I also feel as though being an overthinker contributes to me having trust issues. I think ahead when sometimes I need to enjoy the moment.

Publish more blog posts. This past year I did not post enough content on my blog. Some months it was about 3 posts other months it was about 8. I need to be consistent and continue to post content 1-2 times a week. However I believe in quality over quantity. Sometimes I don’t have inspiration or I’m not motivated to think of blog content. I did reach a milestone of 18k views in 2018! I want to collaborate and monetize my blog as well this year.

Youtube. I started vlogging in January 2018 when I enrolled in beauty school and I have been consistent with that every week which is how I was able to reach 200 subscribers. However I have not posted a hair or Makeup Tutorial like I promised, that is the main reason I started my Youtube Channel two years ago. Youtube has changed a lot! You have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in order to monetize your videos. I have videos with 100+ views to 10k+ views but because I don’t have 1000 subscribers I won’t make any revenue. So my goal is to post consistently and monetize!

Network. I always say I want to attend more events and network but I never do. Now I have no excuses even if it is not an event for beauty, people always need beauty services no matter what field of work they are in. I had the pleasure of attending a vision board event and I was so happy I attended. It was full of beautiful motivated hard working African American women. All positive Vibes in the atmosphere.

I have so many things that I do but I do not want to be a jack of all trades and a master at none! I have The Introverted Lifestyle Blog, The Introverted Lifestyle Youtube Channel, The Introverted Single Friend Podcast, and Endless Beaute Esthetics!

My vision board captures all of my goals short term and long term including allowing love to happen.

Love. I have been single for 6 years, yes I’ve dated, but nothing became serious because I know what I want and don’t want. I have a hard time believing people are really genuine. I also don’t like to waste time on people who do not want the things that I want which includes a committed relationship. Too often I found myself in the same situations of involving myself with individuals whom I know I had no business with because it would lead to disappointment. This is also a reason I chose not to have sexual intercourse with anyone I was involved with if we were not committed. I’m not interested in being friends with benefits, or a casual Fling. Sex can cloud your Judgement of someone. It can make you feel like you’re really into this person when it’s just the physical that you’re into. But that’s another blog post for another time.

I wish you all well, and a great fulfilling 2019. Share some of your goals below.

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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