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February 14th, lovers day. It happens once a year every year. Valentine’s Day. On social media you have the love birds, people showing their loved ones how much they love them, and then you have the bitter people. Let’s talk.

Every year we see bitter people on social media complaining about Valentine’s Day. The bitter people aren’t always the single folks either. Bitter people are those in relationships who are unhappy within the relationship.

Some people always say that Valentine’s Day is just another day, and state that there’s no reason to dedicate 1 day to someone you love when you should do that everyday.

I get it. If you’re in a happy healthy relationship you and your partner show each other unconditional love all the time and not just on February 14th. What is wrong with one day dedicated to the one you love or care about.

Although I have been single for some years now, I was once one of those negative people who disliked Valentine’s Day and stayed off socal media because I was jealous of all the people showing their partner how much they loved and adored them. Especially being as though I’ve only had 2 real Valentine’s and not so good valentine dates. I was never the girl in high school who had that secret admirer or that girl at work who got flowers delivered to her desk.

When you find happiness within and not seek happiness from others you are on the right track. This is where people tend to get their feelings hurt when they have expectations from others.

Surprisingly I’ve been men on social media not so happy not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I’ve been men bash women because they did a cute Valentine’s Day photoshoot simply because whether it’s for their man or for themselves I see nothing wrong with it especially if it’s done in a tasteful way.

You can be single and enjoy Valentine’s Day just as much as someone in a relationship. Do not let society dictate how you feel or make you feel like you have to have a Valentine to show off on Instagram.

When I was in elementary and middle school my father always brought me flowers, a card and teddy bear on Valentine’s Day every year he didn’t miss it. For so long I was his only daughter and I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world. My father set the tone for me and what I should accept in a man.

Valentine’s Day should be bother for men and women. While I know men will argue and say it’s a women’s holiday, I feel like men deserved to be cater to on Valentine’s Day as well. Valentine’s Day should be fun, 100% effort and you shouldn’t have to go broke to prove you love and adore your partner.

Happy Lovers Day and remember your valentine can be your parent, your sibling, your best friend, not just for the people in relationships.

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  1. Great post, I totally agree about how expectations can impact this day, I remember 1 vday, expected a great day and everything started going wrong, so I started to expect the day would be terrible, and when things took a turn for the good it ended up being one of the best vdays I ever had.

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