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Dating in today’s society has become unbelievably complicated. Complicated on both ends, from the man, and the woman. Can you imagine a guy asking to take you out but the catch is you have to pay? Apparently guys want woman to pay for their own flights, and own meals when they go out on dates…pun intended.

Not too long I came across some tweets on Twitter about how guys have these standards and stipulations when it comes to taking women out on dates. I will share with you the conversation.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A guy had the audacity to fix his lips to say he wanted her to pay for both of them during their date. Luckily he stated this before they both left out for the date. I also talked about this on my podcast as well last week. Now a days nothing surprises me when it comes to fellas.

I had to go on Facebook and ask the ladies how they felt.

 I have no problem paying for myself, or leaving the tip, but to pay for you and myself, Issa no for me. Down the line after s few dates and dating for a while I would definitely pay for you and myself, but right away no. How dare you say you don’t know if you will like her or not so she has to pay? Sir that is the point of going on a date so that you can get to know each other. This isn’t a sale or special, where money back guarantee applies if you dislike the date.

I love men and I am not passing judgment or bashing men, but you have to do better. Some weren’t raised right. This is also why it has become easier for men when it comes to dating because they just Netflix and Chill.

Its the approach that is wrong. The delivery that makes you come across as an entitled asshole. You’re basically saying you have to pay to get to know me. Chivalry is becoming less of a thing these days. I can understand the guy having a budget, in that case pick a place that is within your budget, who says the first date has to be at a 5 star restaurant?

If it were me, I would have not gone on the date and saved my outfit for another time.

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