Hello December: Make More Moves, Fewer Announcements 

It’s the first of the month, the last month of the year and we are so close to the ball dropping! Now is the time to get your sh*t together for 2017 so that it can be much better than 2016.

Make Moves, and Less Announcements. This doesn’t mean hide your accomplishments or accolades. Be proud of what you have achieved thus far. What it means is you don’t need to let it be known of what your next move will be, what your next goal is. Execute and let it speak for itself.

Dating. You don’t need to post of the guy/girl you’re dating and its only been 30 days. Who knows if they will be around for the next 30 days and then you’ll be looking crazy when it doesn’t work out and you’re onto the next fling. Be smart.

Career. If there is a job you want , research the job description, and whst the requirements are. Reach out to someone you may know within that similar field, instead of going on social media stating , “I just applied to be a real estate agent”, and you haven’t even had the interview yet, let alone passed the exam.

Goals. We all have goals. We all have dreams and aspirations its apart of life. If you know have these, you aren’t living. Speak it into existence but only amongst your closest friend who have your best interest at heart and won’t try to compete with you or talk you out of accomplishing them. Create a vision board and see your vision come to light. When you create your vision board , ask yourself these questions:

  • What would your perfect life feel like, or look like?
  • What have you always wanted to be, or do, but never started?
  • Who or what do you wish you had more time for in your life?
  • What brings you happiness?
  • What type of person do you want to be?

You can post images, and quotes that would motivate you to achieve your goals.

Don’t wait. Time waits for no man and its something you can’t get back. We want to live with no regrets, we want to no longer procrastinate. Why wait until 1-1-17 to start achieving goals, get a head start.

We often speak too much on social media about the things we want to do or be in life and yes it can be motivation for others. Just think, if you’re going to announce everything that you plan to do, make sure the results follow suit. It’s not about keeping secrets or hiding its about being smart and letting your work speak for you.

Happy December! Thanks for reading.

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