Hello February – Quick Life Update | Monday Motivation

Hello February, may this month be good to you all! Mondays are my favorite blog post days, it gives you some encouragement to have a great week! What I want to discuss today is my love life and where I’m at business wise. Let’s talk.

I am currently working two jobs and I felt so overwhelmed and such pressure to be successful quick. January marked 1 year of enrolling in beauty school and I graduated 5 months later. June was when I left my corporate job of 4 years to take the leap of taking a huge pay cut and lose great benefits in order to follow my passion. Beauty.

I’ve been doing eyelash extensions for 6 months and while it was and still is a struggle perfecting the craft and building clientele, I enjoy providing the service and making women feel beautiful. I haven’t done makeup since New Years but I do not plan to stop doing that because that is the reason I got into beauty industry. Sometimes you have to put things in hold and focus on what is bringing in the money and putting your name out there and that way you can slowly introduce other skills you have.

My advice to anyone with a business or wanting to be an entrepreneur is to have patience and go hard for yourself because no one will go as hard as you. Never give up and keep pushing yourself daily and have genuine people in your corner.

February marks 7 months of working for a company that I feel tricked into. My goal was to start here, build my clientele and move on after my 1 year is up in the summer. I signed a non-compete disclosure and when you are fresh out of Beauty School that is a no go move. Never sign anything that will bind you to a company or not allow you to perform those services elsewhere while you’re employed by them. Why do I feel stuck when I know what I signed ,you asked. Well because this company can not guarantee clientele, with all the marketing that they do, the business isn’t booming, 9 employees have no full books. Some weeks slower than others and we all have bills to pay.  Not the mention the pay someone would look at as highway robbery.

I say all of that to say don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, take your time, try not to act on impulse, and always do your research.

My other place of employment I love! I was a client in July for lashes not knowing months later I would be employed there providing facial, waxing and makeup services. The position is commission based which I like because if I don’t make money they don’t make money, and I enjoy the atmosphere and I can learn so much working alongside the individuals. Things are starting to pick up for me and I’ve been there about 2 months. The goal is to solely work there and make enough to be comfortable financially and in a year I want to have my own space with only myself providing all beauty services.

Now onto this dating scene. Honey, it’s been 6 years of being single. Yes I want a family, no I do not plan on being single forever, to answer the question I always get from viewers. My struggle is that I have to work on trusting people and to not over-think. Live in the moment and understand not everyone you encounter will be your husband.

I was dating someone but it became difficult when we have differences of what we want our future to look like. They already have children and do not want anymore, whereas I don’t have any and I would like two. Something like that is serious and should be discussed in the beginning stages of dating. I am not one to persuade or be nieve to think one day they’ll change their mind. I’m not waiting around for “what if”. Too often us single people worry about being alone for ever that you focus too much on finding that someone when you should focus on your goals and becoming a better person and the right one will come along.

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

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