Hello June, Live In The Moment

Hey world! It’s been awhile since there has been a new blog post but yet and still you all continue to support The Introvert Lifestyle. Todays post is another update on what’s new in my world and what I have been up to.

One of my new years resolution was to live in the moment. It has been two to three months since I’ve uploaded a vlog to my Youtube Channel. I haven’t even recorded any videos to put into a vlog. That’s because as I am out enjoying my time with friends or family I haven’t pulled out my phone. I do however want to get back into my channel.

May 28th started the countdown of two months remaining with my contract with my current employer. I will say this time and time again to recent graduates in beauty school do not sign any contracts, do not sign any non compete agreements that have you stuck for a period of time or that require you to not be able to do your skill elsewhere while you work for said company. Do not sign a contract that restricts you from practicing your skill within a certain mile radius from that said company. People have to make a living and you shouldn’t be stuck with said company for no period of time. Life is unpredictable and what if you don’t like the company or that line of work for that company isn’t a good fit for you then you’re stuck unhappy working for someone it also hinders you from building your own clientele.

When I set out to work for this company I gave myself a year and I would move on. Ideally my end goal is to be a full on entrepreneur my own boss my own business my way. Not sharing a portion of my earnings with anyone. Understanding that takes time and patience.

I am a licensed Esthetician for those that are new here. I graduated beauty school May 2018. I am licensed to provide hair removal, makeup, facial services to individuals for compensation in any setting.

Over the years every job I had, God always made me see somehow that I was meant to be my own boss. I may not have known would that would be for me but three years ago it was clear what my calling was and that’s all things beauty to empower women especially because growing up I was not a was confident and I felt I needed certain things to be “pretty” or desirable to others.

June 8th made 1 year that I became certified in eyelash extensions from the beauty school I attended. I have been consistent with extension for 1 year, I have learned so much about Extensions and myself in the process and never did it occur to me that I would pick up this skill because it was so difficult and discouraging in the beginning. It is such a popular service now and the industry is over saturated with lash technicians but that should never stop anyone from accomplishing their goals no matter what it is.

What I have also learned about myself is that when it comes to dating I tend to give my time to those I know whom do not meet my standards simply because the guy that does meet my standards I don’t feel like I am ready for or deserving of. This isn’t necessarily talking about how they treat me but what can I learn from them, how can I grow with them, do we share the same beliefs and goals? Why am I giving my time to someone who doesn’t want the same things I want in life which can be things like a relationship that results in marriage, having children, etc. But see when you get to know yourself while you’re single you’ll figure out what you don’t want, what you do want, what you will allow, what you won’t allow, what you can handle and what you can’t handle. One thing you should keep in mind is that every person you date does not mean they will be your life partner or parent to your children. People you date maybe stepping stone to your soul mate, they’re lessons to you.

Which brings me to say yes I have gone on an actual date within the last few weeks and it was a long time that I had been on a real date. I told my siblings about it. I preach all the time about not wanting people to “slide in my dms”, but the difference with him was his approach. He didn’t say the usual “when can we chill”. He made it clear what his intentions were and what he was seeking and we went from there. He does meet my standards he may not meet them all but he meets the important ones. If you all want a date night post let me know in the comments, I know I usually share with you all in detail of when I go on a date.

I want you all to have a great week and let me know what you would like to see on my blog. If you have any questions or would like advice on relationships or career goals you can email contactmshoney@gmail.com

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  1. This gave me life to live In the moment, Over the past 2 months I have been less on my phone and more in my life and its great! Glad to hear im not alone in this journey and please continue to post your journey!

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