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Hello March! Currently listening to Chilombo by Jhene Aiko. I’ve been wanting to share a new post since the weekend but time has just not been on my side. March has been good and bad and we’re only 6 days in.

Business wise, March has been good so far. I have a groupon deal on my lash services, I have been getting new followers on my Instagram page. I have learned how to do a neat and appealing aesthetic for my page also, thanks to Pinterest. I just need to work on my captions.

I am working a 9-5 again while I continue to thrive in my own business. I enjoy having my own suite and I am happy I made the decision to take that leap of faith. Now a days you do need multiple streams of income and it takes money to make money. The 9-5 pays for my business and I do plan on staying here for years and years. I’ve been in my suite since December and it was during the slow season of the beauty industry. It tested my hustle and my patience. It typically takes a person a year or more to build clientele but slow and steady wins the race, right?

I do have March Madness Specials Going on if you’re in the Pittsburgh / North Hills area.

I work six days a week but I do designate Sundays as my off day, self care Sunday. Some Sundays I don’t leave the house and that’s okay. Other times I’ll sleep in and maybe go to brunch or a late happy hour to relax.

Personally, we’ll my mom is sick and that has been a struggle and very stressful and has triggered my anxiety but we’re pushing through. I won’t get into detail because it’s not my business to tell but she’s doing well. Always check on loved ones with mental health challenges but it can be hard when you want to help someone who doesn’t want help.

I am no longer the single friend and I am trying to allow myself to be happy. It’s weird, it’s been a long time coming. For me getting into a relationship has been a challenge because although I’m a relationship type of person I kind of hesitated to get into a relationship. I don’t like anyone have control of my emotions or even taking that risk of being hurt again, not to mention my trust issues, chile that’ll be a work in progress. But you have to live in the moment don’t focus so much on the future and allow yourself to be receiving of good things.

I don’t know if you all watch Love & Hip-hop Hollywood but there was an episode where Amara LA Negra had a conversation with her mom and she said “I want a big house I want a husband and a whole bunch of kids but I am scared of being alone”, that made my heart drop and a light bulb went off like wow that is me! While I only want two children, I do want to be married but the thought of being a single parent or having a partner become an enemy and not able to co-parent is my biggest fear. While theres no rule book or a certain way to do things with a guarantee of the relationship working, you just have to be true to yourself and pay attention to signs when you are with someone. Have open communication always discuss each other’s wants, likes, and dislikes. My mom and dad were never married and they weren’t together long after my siblings were born and my dad went on to have other children by multiple women and some of my siblings did not get to have him around like my mother’s kids did and that’s sad and unfortunate.

That made me not want to have kids for so long until I was in a long term relationship, and even working in hospitals and seeing patients not have visitors or anyone to take care of them because they didn’t have children. I want two kids so they can be best friends and go through life together.

Just as much as people say women should be mindful of whom they have kids with, men should too. Not everyone are mentally fit to be a parent.

This popped up on my Facebook memories and it’s crazy how things are now in my life.

My man is chocolate so something is right! Although I’m a blogger and I try to be transparent as possible, I am very private so you probably won’t see any pictures of him or us. I even changed my status on Facebook and that’s not even something I do.

At the end of each blog post I try to give advice.

My advice would be try to do new things. Get out of your comfort zone. You can’t do the same things and expect different results. Don’t seek advice from people who aren’t doing what you’re looking to do or people whom aren’t in the same industry as you. Don’t look to people to tell you how to live your life. Do what’s best for you and take care of you.

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