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Back to reality. The three-day weekend has come to an end. On this rainy Tuesday I begin my new position as I have been newly promoted. It feels like the first day of school, although it’s within the same company I have been with for almost three years. I wanted to share my reflection of this new journey while I’m sure others are starting their senior year in high school or their first day of college.

Today feels like a Monday, but it’s Tuesday and it’s raining here in Pittsburgh. We all feel drowsy and lazy on rainy days and it makes us want to stay in bed and watch movies. Instead we have to tackle the day and handle business.

As I have previously shared, I work for a financial corporation and have been since 2015. Within this time I have been promoted three times. Which means my goals have aligned. My workplace has multiple buildings within downtown Pittsburgh. With this new position came with relocating to one of the other buildings. It’s like I’m starting fresh, brand new place , brand new faces, new names to remember. The transition has been smooth.

The significant change has been no direct client contact which is one of the things I wanted to move on from. While I enjoyed problem resolution and being the direct contact for clients I was eager to learn something new and advance after a year in that position. This is something I always carry with me, don’t remain content, when you’re stagnant you are not allowing room for growth. Don’t be afraid of change.

For the past few days I’ve been anxious, nervous, and contemplating if I made the right decision accepting this position. My old reporting manager’s boss talked to me before I left and let me I always have a place in my old department and to keep in touch. He stated it disappoints him to see people not wanting to apply to other positions and are content with not taking advantage of opportunities within the company because they are so comfortable with where they are.

For anyone embarking on a new journey in life this Fall, don’t look. Don’t let fear get in the way of self-improvement. Change is good. Don’t burn bridges and always do your best.


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