How I Achieved A Perm Rod Set | Natural Hair 

For the past week I have been trying to think of a hairstyle to do that will last a few days. When it comes to natural hair, it is a time-consuming task to do your hair. Some styles can take all day, this is why majority of naturalists opt for the wash n go method. This weekend I found the energy to do a perm rod set Friday night while others were out enjoying the fun.

I can remember when I did my first big chop in 2013 I designated my Friday nights for wash day. Being the home body that I was it was a great excuse not to go out when I didn’t really want to. The line, “oolll girl I can’t go out I have to do something to my hair”, worked every time. Since I gave up protective styles like box braids, Senegalese twists, and faux locs this Winter I have to continuously come up with new hair styles to preserve my hair so that I am not constantly manipulating it.

I watch YouTube religiously and it has taught me a quite a few things when it comes to this natural hair journey . I watched different tutorials on how naturalists achieve their curls by way of the perm rod set method, I watched specifically for what products they used and how they place their strands on the rods. A few favorites I seen were by Hazel Goddess, Ambrosia Malbroughand Jouelzy.

I have done perm rods 1 time in the past my first go ’round of being a natural and it was a success but my hair was very frizzy. This time around I used less product. I purchased 4 packs of the cold wave rods in the color white for 1.99 at my local beauty supply store, they come 12 in a pack. The size of the rods depends on how you want the style to turn around, I have seen others use different sizes so that it gives a tapered look and it also depends on the length of your hair as well. The two products I used were OGX Beauty Shea & Smooth Silicon Free Hair Butter, $7.99 which they’re having a sale at Walgreens for BOGO 50% off, and I used the Smooth ‘n Shine Polishing Bodifying Mousse, $3.29 at Walgreens. When it comes to mousse, I haven’t had much luck it either turns my hair colors or it makes my hair dry and hard.

I sectioned my hair into 5 sections, two small sections in the back , and three sections in the front. I used the white rods in the back and front middle, while I placed smaller rods in the colors pink and orange that I already had on the sides of head.

As I worked each section I placed the hair butter on each strangle and I detangled with my fingers and a wide tooth comb so make sure my ends were smooth and I then I used a small less than a dime size of mousse on the my fingers and smoothed it out on the strand I proceeded to roll the hair on the rod. The back section I rolled the hair downwards on the rod. The middle section I rolled the hair upwards onto the rods, the sides I rolled downward and with the middle I rolled upward. I did my hair at 10pm and I took them down around 9pm the next day right before I was headed out. I slept with a scarf and bonnet on my head overnight and I did not use a blow dryer. I did my errands with a scarf on my head. While you may sit under a hooded dryer the night or day that you place the rods in your hair if you have somewhere to be, just make sure your hair is fully dry. When it was time to take down the rods I placed coconut oil on my fingers and gently took all the rods out and then I went back and took each piece of hair apart finger curling each strand. I used my only hair tool , a pick, to pick my roots to get rid of the parts and to have more body so that it looks full, make sure you do not pick all the way through the curl because you’ll ruin the style darling.

This is the final look:

I preserve the style by sleeping with a bonnet and then I pick at the roots and go!

Here is a photo of Day 2:


I received so many compliments on my hair and I am very happy they turned out to my liking. Nothing worse than your hair not turning out the way you visioned it and you have somewhere to go! Let me know if you have tried a perm rod set and what products you’ve used.

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Thanks for reading!

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