How Working Out Helped Relieve Stress

This year I’ve taken some time by doing things for myself and not feeling guilty or explaining to anyone why I do these things to improve myself.

In April I began working out with my trainer Akeeme Robinson located at the gym 1on1 Fitness in the Strip District. I work out with him three days a week for 1 hour in the morning before work.

So let me tell you about the consultation that you have with the trainer before he even take you on as a client. Yes he Is about his business. He asks you questions about you to get to know as a person. Of course he asks why you want to work out and what your fitness goals are. After the talking he does a physical assessment to see where your body is physically, basically to see how out of shape you are.

For myself, I wanted to workout because it’s a stress reliever for me. Most people resort to drugs or alcohol (no shade) I needed a positive stress reliever. I wanted to be in shape, not necessarily lose weight but to be toned and healthy. With that comes eating healthy, now I love snacks, especially when I’m watching my favorite television show or if I’m at work hardly working. I had to give up donuts and pizza and French fries, those were my guilty pleasures.

When I say stress reliever, we all have some type of stress in our life, whether it’s the job we don’t like, family issues, financial problems, or relationship problems. When I workout I forget about all my problems , all the frustration I have I leave it in the gym.

We all want to look good and feel good, trust I was one of the girls who sucked in their stomachs to hide any type of gut of had and I just didn’t want to do that anymore. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw so I had to change that. Not for anyone but myself, no one called me fat or said I was gaining weight but I noticed how quick a person can put on weight.

Working out can be something you do with a group or people or even one other person, I didn’t think to ask anyone to workout with me because that would be another reason not to be committed. People say “..having a trainer is expensive”, or ..why do you need a trainer”. My response, I’m more motivated when I have a trainer, if I workout on my own by going to L.A. Fitness or Planet Fitness, I’m not productive and I don’t get results. Yes having a trainer is expensive but I look at it as an investment for myself. I love the results, I love how I feel and I can’t stay out the mirror flexing.

Working out is only half the battle it’s what you eat. For me I cut out bread , fried foods and sweets. Yes I have a cheat day once every two weeks. My daily calorie intake is 1500 and I record all my meals in an application on my phone. I recently did a 21 day no meat challenge and believe it or not I didn’t cheat. It was fish, seafood, veggies only. The first week was rough but after that it was smooth sailing and I noticed a different in my body.


I days when I don’t want to workout. I have days where I don’t want to eat right and I have days where I get discouraged because have a flat stomach and fat ass doesn’t happen overnight. I am enjoying the journey and I’m happy I endured this fitness lifestyle.

Do you workout or are you thinking of starting a healthy lifestyle , share your thoughts below.

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  1. Hi,

    First off congrats on your progress you look great! I agree that working out is a great stress reliver on top off many other positives. I am currently in the middle of a 60 diet and exercise routine. I decided to do this to help me get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Too much sitting around and eating everything in site had my weight up and left me with a uncomfortable feeling about myself. Anyways you brought up a good point on how having a trainer keeps you motivated. I never thought about a trainer. Might have to look into that. ?

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