The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Coming 10.2.17

Beginning the Month of October The Introverted Single Friend Podcast. The podcast inspiration came from a few close friends of mine whom support my blog unconditionally. Being an introvert means predominantly concerned with ones own thoughts and feelings. I was hesitant to add this to the list hobbies turned passions but here goes nothing.

I came up with the title ‘The Introverted Single Friend’ simply because it best describes me. Since this podcast will have 1 host, myself, I want to be personal, I want my supporters to get to know me beyond the blog.

The podcast will be available on all media platforms, SoundCloud, Podbean, PodoMatic, and iTunes. The podcast episode

will air weekly on Mondays. Twice a month I will have a male guest, so that ladies can get the male’s perspective on a lot of topics pertaining to dating and relationships.

If you were a listener to Blog or Die Radio , I had a segment titled Around the Way, I shared the latest entertainment news. I will continue that segment at the beginning of each show titled Trending Topics. When there are guests on the show I will post it to YouTube to make it more personable.

I want to thank everyone whom reads my blog posts, engages in comments and topics and sharing my posts. The podcast episodes will be available on this site of course so if you’re subscribed you will get a notification when it is available.

Monday October 2nd stay tuned to my social media for the first episode!

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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