The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Episode 6

Seems like Monday appears rather quickly these days. We’re already on episode 6 of Season of The Introverted Single Friend Podcast. If you haven’t already , download the TuneIn App and search Blogordieradio.

This week’s episode consisted of Trending Topics. The verdict of Meek Mill , 2-4 years in prison. To the latest of Tyrese’s custody battle and Nicki Minaj brother found guilty of child rape.

The two main topics of the day:

Should A Man Make A Certain Amount of Money at a Certain Age? Instagram Poll, 50/50. My thoughts were yes you should be somewhat stable, you don’t necessarily have to be in a certain tax bracket but you should be working towards financial goals.

Are Mothers Harder On Their Daughters Than They Are Their Sons? Facebook poll voted 100% along with Twitter. Instagram Poll voted 50/50. I do feel as though there are double standards when it comes to parenting.


Check out episode 6 below for more of my thoughts on today’s topics!

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