The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Season Finale

The season finale of The Introverted Single Friend Podcast has come. I know I missed you all last week but with the holidays we all needed to enjoy family time away from computers and gadgets. For this podcast season finale I share my personal insecurities, in which I went into detail on a previous post for #TalkTuesday. Also on the show I provide my review on the latest Spike Lee joint “She’s Gotta Have It”, an Original Netflix series, which ladies you have to check out, men too.

The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Ep 8 , Fall Season Finale today at 7pm download the TuneIn App search Blogordieradio | Trending topics – #BlackInCrewChi #ShesGottaHaveIt | The Topic of the Day: I will get in depth of my Insecurities , if you haven’t checked out the blog post from last week in bio ·
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I want to take this time to once again let you all know no matter if its 1 listener or 100, I appreciate the continuous support. It’s hard following your dreams and putting yourself out there for the world to see and criticize. I have more in store that I want to share, stay tuned for Season 2 starting in February. If you would like to be a guest on the show e-mail This is a talk radio podcast I will not play music sent to my email, if you would like to be a guest I will not promote your music, you will simply be a guest co-host engaging in the topics. Happy Holidays. Check out the season finale below!

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  1. Great pod cast opening up about insecurities which we all have. It always helps to hear someone have to fight and grow within themselves. Cant wait for feb for more thank you!

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