Invest In Yourself: Beauty School Update

April comes to an end and the countdown begins to my last day of Beauty School. Last week I received my progress report and my graduation date and it made it all seem surreal. I shared with you all back in January a new journey it’s only right I share the progression.

If you would like to go back and read up on my first post about enrolling in beauty school check that out right here.

My graduation date has been confirmed for May 24th. I have a 90% in the course. I received two certificates, Chemical Peel & Microdermabrasion and also Advanced DMK. This journey has been rocky , stressful and overwhelming but at no time did I contemplate giving up. I have wonderful classmates and my instructor is the best girl boss ever.

I would stress about how I would continue to pay for the course but my mom’s word of advice always got me through. I take it one day at a time and pay what I can when I can also as my balance is paid by graduation, my application will be sent to take the exam for the State Boards.

I’ve been juggling two jobs while enrolled in night classes and I literally only have Sundays off, in the midst of that I promote myself heavily to gain clientele for makeup applications. This week I will be doing prom makeup and I am excited.

Booking for Prom Follow my makeup page @makeupbyjasminne

I am also apart of an event this month where I will be offering makeup and waxing services free of charge to young ladies whom are entering adulthood after being in foster care.

The advice I would give to anyone interested in beauty school:

  1. Do your research. Not every beauty school has the state licensure requirement you may only receive a certificate/diploma at the end of the program.
  2. You will learn the basics of whatever field you’re looking to go into when you enroll in beauty school, you will not know everything. You will always be a student in this industry, things constantly change and you should be aware of the latest trends.
  3. Being in the beauty industry , sanitation is very important you don’t realize the smallest thing can cause a disease, and or allergic reaction and you can be sued. If you wake up one day and want to do hair, makeup, nails, lashes you need to take it seriously, it’s not for everyone.
  4. Not everyone will quality for financial aid. It depends on if you’re considered a dependent or independent and if you’ve already received the max financial aid from undergraduate programs. Do not let this discourage you , payment plans are an option.
  5. Do this because you want to don’t let anyone discourage you or speak negatively about the beauty industry as if it’s not a real career path. This is a billion dollar industry and it’s room for everybody.
  6. Put yourself out there. Market yourself. Promote yourself. Continue to educate yourself even after school. If you don’t decide to go to school that’s fine as well but educate yourself through classes and hands on training do not solely rely on YouTube.
  7. Be kind and always remain professional. From the way that you speak to the way that you dress. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to gain clientele.
  8. The beauty industry may seem saturated but everyone is different. Do you think that stopped Rihanna from creating Fenty Beauty? No.

My goals after beauty school:

  1. Remain working at Ulta but I would like to be an esthetician in the salon or an arch expert at the Brow Bar for Benefit Cosmetics.
  2. Also enjoy waxing I wouldn’t mind working at European Wax Center. I like the products and my wax specialist is the best she also graduated from the school that I now attend.
  3. I want to have my own private studio to service my clients for makeup and waxing services I don’t necessarily want to do a spa with facial services. I know this will take time to be a full on entrepreneur with established clientele and more business knowledge but I will work hard.
  4. Attend trade shows and makeup seminars to network with people outside of Pittsburgh.


Thank you for reading! Any questions you have please ask below or email me. I can do a Q&A blog post if I receive enough questions.

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