Invest In Yourself: Self Reflect

There are many ways to invest in yourself and if you’ve been reading the blog posts, Invest In Yourself has been financially, and physically. Today’s post is about investing in yourself mentally. With my recent birthday celebration and having a week off from work I have been able to kind of take a mental break.

 I’ve been a person whom allows others to consume me. I worry a lot, I stress a lot and it has caused me to have severe anxiety and I am just coming to terms with it all. It’s so easy for people to say “don’t stress so much” , or “don’t worry everything will be okay”. I know it’s cliché to say don’t worry about things you can’t control and change the things that you can, so I try to keep the complaining to a minimum.  

I have also been the type of person to not let go of dead-end situations. This can be friendships or even just keeping people around longer than their expiration date when it came to dating. Not to say I hold a charity but I always feel a certain type of away, that everyone has a purpose , so I’ll cut them off and maybe months or years down the line I’ll reconnect with them. You know there’s always that moment you’re  confronted with the reality of why you let them go in the first place.

Being in the last year of my twenties (I know I look 18), I’ve had mixed emotions. We’ve all had plans for our lives and we know nothing goes as planned , it’s all up to God. I still look at my life and ask myself : how can you make things better for yourself and have genuine happiness? Honey, I knew what I wanted my life to be like when I was in middle school. I use to write it down all the time. I wanted to be a pediatrician, married with  children, living somewhere the sun shines daily. Well, I’m not a pediatrician, I’m single, I have a career I enjoy for the moment, and well it’s Spring here in Pittsburgh. What I do take pride in is having the sisters I gained in 2002 still by my side and we’re all successful and we support each other no matter what.

The task that I gave myself this month was to let go and let God. End dead-end friendships. So what if  we’ve been friends for years steady or on and off if it serves no positive purpose no need to stick around. Let go of situationships that have no potential of being a relationship that doesn’t lead me down the aisle. In life the word No is a complete sentence and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for the reason why you do the things that you do.  We’re too old to explain to someone the things their doing wrong when they should know.

I say all of that to say , in this thing we call life, not everyone will be apart of the journey. There are people in your lives for a reason and even just simply for a season. Don’t allow anyone to cause you your peace.

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