Invest In Yourself: The Kash Beat 101 Makeup Seminar

Time and time again I’ve stated that I need to travel more. Do things out of my comfort zone without waiting for people. Do things and not get in my own way. This Fall I purchased a ticket to attend a makeup seminar by a celebrity makeup artist that I’ve followed on social media for quite some time. It was yet another item checked off the list of things to do for myself and my brand…

If you all don’t know I taught myself how to do my own makeup 4 years ago this month. It was only so I can look more “presentable” for my corporate job. I was always a girl that loved Mac lipstick and clear lip gloss and that was enough for me. I just couldn’t picture myself doing my own makeup, I thought it was just time consuming and I could never learn how to do it properly.

As I taught myself I then decided to start my Youtube channel and if you watch my videos you can see my progress. Fast forward to Summer 17 , people always complimented my makeup and have said that I keep it natural and not too much, and that I should do makeup on other people. To be honest I’m not really a “people person”, and I know people can be very particular and “picky” about things especially their face. I took a leap of faith and put myself out there and began doing other people’s makeup and I loved it instantly. I was in my zone, I was in my element, it was rewarding to see people react to the finishing look especially for those that never wear makeup. I created a separate Instagram page just for my makeup clients and makeup inspiration looks.

Over the years of teaching myself how to do makeup I would search hashtags on Instagram to see different makeup artists and I came across Baltimore native Kash Barb and was instantly drawn to her. These last few months I literally would go on her page and if she went live I was all in it. I don’t follow her just for her pictures but because of the advice she would give on her Snapchat or Instagram story. She’s blunt and shares tips about the beauty industry.

The Makeup & Mimosa Kash Beat 101 class was held in Washington D.C. from 11am – 1pm. It was a private intimate setting, no video taping permitted but pictures were allowed. I loved the pink and white decor. Mimosa’s and Chicken & Waffle Red Velvet cupcakes were on the menu. Eight ladies attended while watching Kash apply makeup on her model Megan. She went step by step of how she applies makeup and what products she uses from high end to drugstore brands.


Her manager made sure our glasses stayed filled with Mimosa’s. In the midst of Kash letting us in on her makeup secrets she was telling us her story and experiences as a celebrity makeup artist. Her personality was so dope, she’s funny, down to earth and talented. She has her own lipstick line and eyelashes which by the way 1.31.18 she is releasing all new products on her website.


I was hesitant to attend or even make the drive, because I was alone and I’m shy. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know how many people would be in attendance, although I paid for the ticket in advance, things don’t always work out. But guess what I woke up at 5am did my makeup, got dressed, filled up my truck with gas, grabbed some snacks and made the 4 hour drive! Yes there is makeup artists in my hometown of Pittsburgh whom have one on one makeup lessons and not to discredit them in any way, I wanted to learn something from someone I felt I would walk away with motivation and knowledge. I didn’t want to just pay someone 100+ dollars for 1-2 hours of showing me how to do makeup, I wanted more out it.

After Kash was done showing us how she applies makeup she sat down and answered questions that we had and she didn’t sugarcoat sh*t. I wanted to ask her 21 questions but, honey we ain’t have time for all of that, it was like you were in front of a sister/mentor you’ve always wanted.


  • Your social media should be the perception of what you want your business to be. your Instagram should be like a magazine. Good quality pictures and everything to do with your business.
  • It’s not always about who you know, it’s about who knows you.
  • Mind Your Business

You will take a lot of L’s to get to where you’re going.


I would attend more of her events without a doubt. I left the event so motivated and ready to put the work in for myself. Do more things that relate to what I want to accomplish in life. A few things that she said I felt on another level, I’ve realized often times we want something so bad and it just is very difficult to stay motivated and its easy to be discouraged, but things will happen to test you to see how bad you want it.


Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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