Is it an issue if your significant other doesn’t celebrate holidays?

It is holiday season and we all want to celebrate with our loved ones, and close friends. Halloween has passed it now time for Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas will be here! When you think of the holidays, for most people gifts isn’t what comes to mind, but memories you can create with special people in your life.


If you have a significant other and they don’t celebrate the holidays is this an issue for you? If you’re newly dating and they reveal they don’t celebrate the holidays due to bad experiences or its just not relevant in their lives, is this a deal breaker?



  1. Bad experiences weren’t made with the new relationship so that person shouldn’t deprive you of creating new memories and acknowledging the holiday.
  2. If the person is religious they are exempt from this topic typically that’s not debatable.
  3. Perhaps there can be a comprise, maybe not exchange gifts but do an activity , spend time over a family members house, go out to dinner.
  4. Although people may say everyday should feel like Valentines Day , most people still want to feel special on that day as well.

Facebook viewer stated:

I would say Christmas b/c it’s a religious holiday so if the person your with doesn’t celebrate it that may be difficult if you’re not equally yoked depending on the reasoning…and I don’t mean celebrate by buying gifts just completely not acknowledge the holiday


If your someone whom is family oriented and the holidays are your favorite time of year you may want to include your new boo, significant other to the family and have them apart of the best moments. If your someone whom you’re not close with your family and perhaps you want to create memories within your household of course you’d want your significant other apart of that.

When I ask if this is an issue for you I’m not speaking of gifts, I’m talking about acknowledging the day, the time spent, the memories. Holidays can the times where people feel the most lonely. Why not turn negative into positive and allow yourself to be happy and enjoy the holiday season.

If you’ve never had a valentine before, or if you have had the worst experience ever and don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, maybe things will be different with this new person in your life. Maybe you want to experience having a Valentine for the first time  the lovey dovey , flowers , a card, candlelight dinner. It doesn’t have to be an all expense paid trip with the latest Gucci bag. Yes, everyday in your relationship should feel like Valentines Day but who doesn’t want to feel special on that day as well?


Twitter response:

‘cuz holidays are fake x plus we suppose to be the same all year ’round anyway…

Viewers response:

I’m not big on holidays but I do chill with my immediate family.


If its a new relationship the shouldn’t bring bad experiences to the table. New relationships deserve to experience everything.

This isn’t about materialistic items this solely about time spent. Share your thoughts below.

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