Lifestyle: 7 Tips To Get Over A Breakup

We’ve all been through a breakup. Breakups are apart of life, things happen. It doesn’t have to be a bad breakup, it could be a mutual decision to end things. When a breakup happens, how do you move on? What do you do to get over someone?

Surround yourself with friends. You may think you just want to be alone after a break up but being around friends can make the transition better. Go out for a night on the town, take a trip, have a girls night in. Sometimes when you’re alone too much or too soon it can result in contacting your ex or simply becoming depressed, feeling bad for yourself.

Safe sex saves lives. I know it may seem like the fun thing to do, let loose and forget about your problems. That’s only a temporary fix. Having sex with a stranger or even an old fling can leave you feeling empty and more vulnerable and most likely to bring on regrets. Also when you’re trying to get over your current ex, do not sleep with them, that will just make things more complicated.

Exercise. Release the tension, let go of the stress with a new routine whether it’s bike riding, boxing, and or weight training. This can have you feel rejuvenated, energized, and positive.

Date Night. You don’t need to engage in sexual intercourse but there is nothing wrong with putting yourself out there and going out on dates. Especially if this was a long term relationship you just got out of. *Do not talk about your ex*.

Self love. Cater to you. It’s all about you. Pamper yourself. Book a massage, schedule a hair appointment, get a mani / pedi. Do some thing you always wanted to do but haven’t. Take a cooking class, just don’t sit on your couch moping for says because guess what your ex is living their life.

Positive Vibes only. There’s no need to be a Bitter Betty or a Negative Nathan. Do not bash your ex on social media, take the high road no matter what. Do not allow others in your business. Handle the breakup privately. No need to post memes throwing shade, or making a fake page to stalk your ex. If anything block their phone number and block them from your social media. *Do not drunk dial or drunk text*.

Keep A Few On Standby. No way shape or form do I condone cheating. Nor am I saying prepare for a breakup. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket too soon. Depending upon how long you’ve been together, keep 1 or 2 people on standby. You’re either single or you’re married, according to the IRS, so yeah live your life. No need to drop everyone and not have anybody when you breakup. You don’t have to stay in touch while you’re in a relationship but keep them close keep the contact information current. Good way to have a friend in need when you’re single again, someone to hang out with to make you smile, someone to go on a weekend getaway with.


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