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June 30th I decided to officially start the process of locking my hair. My lovely aunt started the process with two strand twists and just recently she retwisted my hair and I wanted to share with you all what I have learned so far.

Here is a before picture of my hair right before it was washed

How I maintain my hair is just using black castor oil and water I mix the two and put it in a spray bottle. My hair looks matted because I had just wrapped it up with a scarf.

In between retwists I wear scarf occasionally because I have to get use to the new growth and my edges not being as fresh as I would like.

Here is a photo of my hair after my aunt washed it

None of twists unraveled which was good. She simply parted and retwisted using Jamaican Mango & Lime Loc Wax.

With this loc journey you have to be patient and keep your hairs out of your hair. I make sure I wrap my hair with a satin scarf every night because you don’t want your hair to have lint in it or become dried out. Satin pillow cases are good to have as well.

It is also best not to have more than one person retwist your hair because that can cause your hair to be twisted in different directions and can thin out and break off.

When you’re just starting out you don’t want to retwist too often because that can cause thinning as well. When you wash your hair you don’t want to use too much conditioner because it can make your hair soft and harder to loc.

Here are photos of my hair in between retwist

I do have to remember to take more photos, better close up photos so you all can see my hair more.

Here are the after photos from the fresh retwist

And here is the progress picture of when I started and today.

Advice I would give anyone wanting to start this journey, just go for it. Research if you want to do the coil method or the two strand twist method. Understand that everyone has different hair textures and what works for one person may not work for others. Do not use too many products but make sure to keep your hair hydrated. Trust the process and be patient.

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  1. I’m currently on two strand twists
    It’s been on for almost a month
    My hair hasn’t unravelled so I was wondering “if I have to unravel the twists before retwisting?”

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